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Maximum Upload Speed Not Fast Enough


Maximum Upload Speed Not Fast Enough

I realize this is probably a dead end posting this here, but why does AT&T think fast download speed is the only thing a DSL system needs?  With services like Carbonite, photo and video websites, etc.; a fast upload speed has become nearly as important as a fast download speed.


The upload speed for residential ADSL service maxes out at 768Kbs.  I'm averaging around 600 according to the AT&T speed check. I have video files on a drive I'm backing up to Carbonite.  It's been over a month and it's still backing up.


My plan provides a 6Mbs download speed.  If the upload speed was only half that it would be a great improvement over what it is now.  I'd switch to cable if it were an option.


I realize it's all about cost and this would require a restructuring of equipment.  Who do we need to take this to??  What do we have to do to get AT&T off the dime and bump it up to a quarter??

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Re: Maximum Upload Speed Not Fast Enough

My DSL upload speed was about 1/10th of my download speed. With U-verse its now running about 1/5th of my download speed. The really good news is that my download speed is over 2x what it was with DSL. The slow DSL upload speed was a major reason I updated to U-verse.

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Re: Maximum Upload Speed Not Fast Enough

Unfortunately I don't have access to U-verse, or cable Internet.

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