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Makeing DSL available


Makeing DSL available

I live in Lousiana zip 71343 and have been waiting 10 years or so for DSL. I have watched as slowly my entire town started to get it but my street still doesn't have it. Within the past few months several mobile homes have been moved into the area and several houses built, this means the area is expanding quite rabidly. I have checked to see if its available (via address, i have no landline phone, if i did would it be available?) I am stuck with the crooks at hughesnet, paying them 100$ a month for second rate service. I would do just about anything to get DSL and am willing to pay up to 75$ a month for it. Someone please tell me how i can get it!!! Thanks
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Re: Makeing DSL available

Hi Sonama! I would suggest you call the sales department of AT&T to get more info.
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