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Mail page takes long time to load


Mail page takes long time to load

Windows Xp

IE 8

Yahoo Mail

Using AT&T Toolbar


I enter in my info on the log-in page (user id/password) and it brings up a white page and takes a long time to load mail.  Any thoughts?



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Re: Mail page takes long time to load

Hello razzzy,

To resolve this issue, I would suggest you to try to Clear Cache, Delete Cookies, Clear History, and Set Cache size of your web browser (Internet Explorer) through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer.
  2. Under the General tab, locate the Browsing History heading.

  3. Click the Delete button.
  4. Click the Delete files… button in Temporary Internet Files section, and choose Yes when prompted.

  5. Click the Delete cookies… button in Cookies section, and choose Yes when prompted.
  6. Click the Delete history… button in History section, and choose Yes when prompted.
  7. Click the Close button in the Delete Browsing History window.
  8. Click the Settings button in the Browsing history heading.
  9. In the Temporary Internet Files heading, enter 20 in the Disk space to use section.
  10. Click OK in the Temporary Internet Files and History Settings window.
  11. Click OK in the Internet Options window.

If the issue persists, it is recommended that you contact AT&T eChat support and troubleshoot according to thier recommendation.


If you are in, 'AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI', you may click on the following link to connect to a chat agent.  re_c2c_dsl_sw.aspx


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