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Macbook 2Wire connectivity issues

Macbook 2Wire connectivity issues

We have a Macbook that will not stay connected to the 2Wire. It disconnects randomly and comes back a minute or so later. I have tried phone support, chat support, told to pay for Connectech that after 4 tries still didn't fix it. On top of that the last AT&T rep, Vijay(vz6789), told me there was nothing they could do and contact the retention department to cancel my service since he had no other suggestions. The only thing the techs do each time is change the router channel. I have done this myself as well and it does not fix the issue.


I have read a few forums on this issue and the Connectech also agrees with the compatibility issues between 2Wire and Macbooks but no real fixes. I am not a computer guru and just want a simple fix before I go back to my previous provider. 


Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Macbook 2Wire connectivity issues

So finally after threatening to cancel my service, I got some help. It is sad that it takes that to get service. It did take a few calls to tier 2 support to get some changes and for them to finally admit that there is a known problem with MacBooks and the 2Wire modem. What the techs did was change the security to WPA-PSK(TKIP) and rename the network. It worked a little better but it is still dropping the signal unless you are in the same room as the router. I also have since noticed that the signal is weak with all my devices even though the power setting is maxed out on he router. My house is a single story and not that big but the signal is next to nothing on one side of the house and the MacBook will not even connect in a few rooms. Rediculous. I wonder how many more calls it will take to get answers for this one. Any new suggestions out there?
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Re: Macbook 2Wire connectivity issues

Finally after another phone call and having to be transferred to a manager did we get a tech to come to the house. He also said the the 2Wire modem "is not the greatest". So after some tests and seeing the MacBook drop signal, he took my 10 year old Linksys router and hooked it to the 2Wire and problem fixed. He then moved the Linksys to the living room, whichi is the center room in the house, and hooked it to the Ethernet port in the back of the cable box and that worked too. So there you go. A ten year old Linksys router is better than the 2Wire that is 4 months old and I pay for each month. I hope this gives some other people some solutions because the phone and Internet tech support officially are terrible. Thank you in-house technician guy.
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