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Mac User having problem with Wireless !!


Mac User having problem with Wireless !!

I'm a Mac user so the 2wire didn't work for me.. I was told that my motorola Neptunia (?) modem was gonna do the trick for me since I was having problems with my Internet going out all the time... the AT&T employees are useless they didn't give me one spec of useful information . This modem did however work up until today , now the wireless is out I can connect to xbox live anymore... it just died . I've tried resetting the modem but there's not much else I can do.. before I go off on AT&T over the phone I wanted to see if anyone could give me wome useful info ! PLEASE HELP !!! I'm dying... well not really but it's frustrating to say the least . Thank you !!
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Re: Mac User having problem with Wireless !!

going off on the techs wont get ur connection back. In fact it'll make it more likely that that won't happen. There could be any number of things stopping you from connecting wirelessly from your xbox. Could be signal interference. could be the routers not configured. Could be its not authenticating on the network. Could be wrong encryption type. Could be wrong mtu settings. wrong pw. You havent given any information for someone to help you other than the xbox wont connect which could be anything from the aforementioned to your xbox not being plugged in.

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Re: Mac User having problem with Wireless !!

Hi alysiastrong,



We apologize for the inconvenience caused and would be glad to fix the issue.


There may be several reasons for the wireless connection not working. From the information which you have provided, it seems that you are using Motorola Netopia 3347. Before proceeding with the wireless issue, you would need to confirm if you are able to connect to the Internet using the wired connection ( yellow Ethernet cable).


Since you have reset the router, the settings would have been set to the factory defaults.You would need to update the user name and DSL network on the Motorola router. The following link would provide the steps to do so



If you are able to connect to the Internet using the wired connection, then it could be that there is a issue with the wireless setting.



This issue is best resolved when working together with one of our support agents over our phone support because it requires multiple troubleshooting steps.



Please contact AT&T technical support at 1-877-722-3755 (toll free), open 24/7.


We look forward to speaking with you to resolve this issue.

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