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Lost Member ID and Password


Lost Member ID and Password

Please move this if not in the correct forum.  I'm helping my Dad replace his burned-out DSL modem with a new one AT&T was kind enough to overnight to him.  I'm not a DSL user myself so I'm sort of in the dark about this.


Problem is he can't remember his Member ID nor his Password and from reading the instructions, it looks like he may need them.  To my knowledge he's never had AT&T email for what that's worth.  As long as I've been helping him out he has had a Hotmail account.


We've not done anything yet except unplug his bad modem so here's my question:  If we follow the new modem's installation CD, will it insist on him inputing his old modem's Member ID and Password or will it allow us to set a new Member ID and Password?


If the replacement modem requires his old Member ID and Password, how do we go about getting that?  He does have AT&T wireless and land-line telephones if that makes any difference.


I realize you folks are busy with more important issues but any assistance here will help me get my 88-year old Dad back up and running with his buddies via email.

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Re: Lost Member ID and Password

He can call support line for ATT DSL and get the user/pass from support. New DSL modem will need the user/pass to sync up with ATT.
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Re: Lost Member ID and Password

Thanks for the feedback.  That's what we did and once Dad remember the answer to his security question, they gave him his ID and PW.  So the answer to my question is "NO" current customers can't establish a new ID and PW ... apparently only new customers have that option.

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