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Losing Internet, Vista, Wireless


Losing Internet, Vista, Wireless

I did a search and haven't seen this exact problem.  I just had DSL installed about two weeks ago and have been having a problem from the outset.  I have three laptops, all in the same room, all connected wirelessly.  One with XP, One with W7 and one with Vista.  I'm only having problems with the Vista laptop. 


Intermittently, it will lose the internet.  Sometimes days between the problem and sometimes minutes.  The other two machines are not affected at all.  When I go into Network sharing, It shows that I am connected to the network but there is a break to the internet.  To restore service, I do the diagnose and repair routine and it usually starts working again.  


To me, it seems that it must be a problem with that laptop, since the others aren't affected. I just don't know what to look at.  It worked fine with my previous service and router.  Any suggestions as to what I can troubleshoot? 

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Re: Losing Internet, Vista, Wireless

We realize the inconvenience you are experiencing and would be glad to fix the issue for you.
From the information that you have provided, we would strongly recommend that you contact our technical support at 1-877-722-3755 (toll free), open 24/7 because it requires multiple troubleshooting steps. They have the required tools and expertise to assist you better.
We look forward to speaking with you to resolve this issue.

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