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Linksys router & DSL connectivity issue


Linksys router & DSL connectivity issue

Hey everyone, new DSL subscriber here and have a router issue it looks like. When I'm connected directly to the Westel DSL modem I can get to the internet fine but when I plug the internet connection from the modem to my Linksys wireless router I can't connect to the internet. I have the router configured for Automatic DHCP and I cannot connect, anyone have any ideas or help? Thanks
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Re: Linksys router & DSL connectivity issue

I have DSL and a Westell modem through at&t. I wanted to hook up my wireless Cisco and create a network.. anyway, after countless hours on the phone with tech support (who were absolutely no help at all) and reading the help in these forums ..I still couldn't get it to connect. I ended up calling Linksys and they helped me through it since at&t wouldnt help because it's a Linksys router.

I got my Linksys wireless to work doing exactly this:

First I logged into the Westell modem @, Then I changed it into bridge mode, saved it and exited. I then plugged in the Linksys modem power cord, ethernet cable running from the westell to the internet port of the linksys, and another ethernet cord running from port 1 of the Linksys to the computer.

Then I opened a new browser and typed in the Linksys modem @

If you did not set up a username or password for your Linksys modem then when that box pops up asking for a u/n and p/w leave the username blank and type "admin" under the password.

Once there, I went to the setup, under Internet setup and changed it to PPPo3, Underneath that I typed in my at&t username and password, make sure under that you select the button that says "keep alive" ... save. Then go to the status tab at the far right, Verify that the connection type is on PPPo3 and then click connect.

I saved, exited and a minute later I could see my laptop finding the linksys signal.

Hope this helps anyone!







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Re: Linksys router & DSL connectivity issue

I did what was suggested, i changed it to PPPoE, when i get to the final suggested step of going to 'status' and clicking 'connect' i get a message that says "Can not get a ID address from PPPoE server"


what do i do now?


the network is set up, everything is connected right with the desktop and laptop but gives me an 'local only' connection.

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Re: Linksys router & DSL connectivity issue

I found this forum with the username/password combinations not matching problems I was having.  In the end I found out that my password is NOT the password I registered with, but rather the network password given by ATT.  Make sure when putting your password (the one on the router) in that you use the ATT network password and not the one you created.


I'm sure someone else can explain that better than me, but that was what held me back.

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Re: Linksys router & DSL connectivity issue

First Let's Configure your Motorola DSL modem from AT&T: Note: your computer needs to be directly connected to your DSL modem for this step.

1. Go into your modem interface by entering: into the address bar in your web browser.
2. Click on "Broadband DSL Line"
3. Click on "Configure Connection"
4. Change "Protocol" from "PPPoE" to "Bridged Connection"
5. Click the button that says "Save changes and Reset Connection" at the bottom
6. You should only ever have 3 lights on your modem lit up now: Power, Ethernet, DSL. The internet light on your ATT DSL modem should NOT be lit up anymore.

Second Let's Configure your Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router. Your computer needs to be connected directly to your router for this step.

7. Sign into your router interface by entering into your browser's address bar. Username will be "" (blank) and password: "admin".
8. Change your Internet Connection Type from "Auto Configuration - DHCP" to "PPPoE" by selecting it from the drop down menu.
9. After you have selected PPPoE, there will be additional fields for a Username and Password. Enter the username and password you created for originally logging into your DSL service. example username:
10. Click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of this screen.

Finally, make sure that your ATT Motorola DSL modem is connected to the WAN port on the back of your Linksys WRT54G wireless router, and that your computer(s) are connected to one of the other numbered ports on the back of the router.

11. Unplug the power to your Linksys router, and then plug it back in. This will reboot your router.
12. Restart your computer.
13. Congratulations! You are now sharing your ATT DSL internet connection through your router!

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Re: Linksys router & DSL connectivity issue

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