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Latency doubled after modem replacement


Latency doubled after modem replacement

Hello and thanks for any help with this issue,


The other week I killed my 2700HG modem by spilling water on it. I ordered a replacement (2701HG) and set it up with no problems.


I play an online game where latency is a 'big deal' in your performance. Before, with my old router, my ping was consistantly 20-50 at all times. Now, with this new modem I ordered, my ping is constantly 65-100! I am connecting to the same exact server, there are no differences in what I'm doing or connecting to, my ping has just doubled with this newer model modem.


It's very irritating for me. I don't really know what caused this. I installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on a different partition on my hard drive, but had no effect on the latency issue. (I thought maybe it had something to do with a bug in config when switching modems)


Can anyone explain what might cause this or give me any troubleshooting tips?



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Re: Latency doubled after modem replacement

if it allows you to configure your MTU on the modem itself, make sure you set it properly. This timing change for the modem to properly recieve packets mtu - may actually improve your latency. I dunno if you are using Leatrix Latency fix but it helps for online games and I use it on my Windows 7. However that is only for the computer in which you are gaming from will the fix be applied to (the one you run it from) which means it will not configure your modems mtu. look up on dslreports on how to do this and make sure you do it properly with how it describes it mathmatically to calculate the correct MTU for your dsl/internet modem use. A wrong Mtu value can completely hinder your speeds.. so remember the default mtu.. usually its 1492 I believe it was.

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