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Is this Internet support forum a joke?


Is this Internet support forum a joke?

What exactly is the purpose of this Internet "support" forum when there is absolutely no "support" to be found? A gazillion problem posts and complaints and AT&T simply ignores every one of them.


So this place is a joke, right? Especially the following:




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Its pretty darn obvious that AT&T could care less about it's customers. I'm wondering exactly how they can profit from such cheap DSL plans but having to tie up and pay wages to every single customer service person on the phones all day every day. Its pretty pathetic that AT&T's own online support forum is about the most useless website on the entire world wide web.

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Re: Is this Internet support forum a joke?

yes its a complete joke. i have had an "outage in my area" for over 2 months and everytime i call in i get someone that literally doesnt know what latency is and then they get a "random e-mail" sent to them saying service is down in my area. then they say goodbye and hang up.. att is garbage.
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