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Is the following a legitmate request?


Is the following a legitmate request?

I have altered the email address, but am wondering if the following message is legitimate:



Verify this email address

From:"" <>Add to Contacts 

 Verify this email address
 You recently added a new email address to your account, or initiated verification of an existing email address. To verify that you own this email address, simply click on the link below. 
 Your email address was added to the ID starting with '‎jos‎'. If this ID does not belong to you, or you did not recently add your email address to this ID, you may permanently stop receiving messages for this ID at this email address. Please let us know. 
 Verifying your email address ensures that you can securely retrieve your account information if your password is lost or stolen. You must verify your email address before you can use it on AT&T services that require an email address. 
 For your security, please keep your email address information up-to-date. If this information changes, you can always update it by signing in to your account and changing it from the "My Account" area. 

Verify ""

 If you can't click the sign in button, you can verify your email address by copying and pasting (or typing) the following address into your browser:
 Not your account?

     If you did not create this account, click here

    Si vous n’êtes pas le créateur de ce compte, cliquez ici

    Si no creaste esta cuenta, haz clic aquí
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Re: Is the following a legitmate request?

You can get this email if you have created any sub account under your AT&T primary email address. This email used to authenticate the sub account that is created. If you have create any sub AT&T Yahoo! account, you can click on the verification link on that email.
However, if you have not created any sub account then this is phishing email and don't click any of the link that email. The phishing email can be forwarded to "" for further investigation.


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