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Internet is extremely slow with my wireless router


Internet is extremely slow with my wireless router

I have At&t internet right now with speeds up to 1.5 mbps and it seems to be extremely slow when i plug in my wireless router.  If i plug my computer directly into the modem that at&t sent me the speed seems to be fine but when connected wireless the speed changes dramatically.


The modem at&t sent me is a westell (i do not know what model number as i cannot find it on modem)  and i am currently using a Linksys Wireless G broadband  Model # WRT54G2 V1. 


I assume that maybe these two are not compatible for whatever reason, but if that is the case, is there another modem or router that i could buy that would be more compatible?


Thankyou for your help in advance.

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Re: Internet is extremely slow with my wireless router

Hello nburns282,
Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you might have experienced.  If your wireless connection is slow, you may want to check the following things:
  • Large metal objects and electrical equipment such as televisions, home entertainment electronics, and microwaves can also cause interference. Try to keep your DSL modem and wireless home networking router away from these sources of electronic interference.
  • Check with your neighbor. You may both be running wireless networks at the same frequency. The solution may be as easy as changing the channel of your wireless router.
  • Physical obstructions such as walls, floors, home entertainment electronics, appliances and furniture can cause interference if the wireless signals have to pass through them. Move your DSL modem or wireless home networking router to another location so it isn't in the line-of-sight of these potential interference factors.

    If none of the above reason is effecting the wireless signals in your house, you need to contact your router vendor to check the wireless settings of the third party wireless router that you are using (Linksys Wireless G broadband  Model # WRT54G2 V1). Since you are using a third party router, I can also suggest you to contact AT&T ConnecTech support at 1-877-831-2880, they provide fee based services, they are trained to handle such issues with third party routers.

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