Internet increase


Internet increase

I have been an Bell South/ATT&T customer for the last 20 years. I am very irritated to see my internet bill go up

roughly 20%. So, I may have to terminate the land line so I can afford the "cheap" internet Lite Service or find

another provider.

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Re: Internet increase

I am as fed-up as you are.  I have the slowest speed AT&T DSL, 3 months ago they increased my monthly rate from $19.95 to $25.00.  In order to save money as I haven't had a raise at my job since 2007 and my money only goes so far, I changed my landline service from unlimited calls to measured service to make-up the difference. 


Now I just got my latest bill and they have increased my measured service base rate over $6.00 (I never went over my allowed 45 calls a month).


There is no way I can downgrade my AT&T service any lower, so my next option is to cut the landline altogether and go with Magic Jack or something similar.


AT&T will squeeze and squeeze even more until they can't get any more money from us.  I'm at that point now.

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