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Internet going out still..


Internet going out still..

I've had 2 techs come out already one was lazy and just checked the phone poll and the 2nd one was great he check the main house box and replaced the old phone cables from the box to the new wires, but im still having problems! I refuse to call tech support after reading what everyone has to say. There is nothing new that has been changed or moved. He made my lines to where only my room can give off the dsl signal and the phones are all filtered with his new wiring. I dc'ed typing this. Something has to be done, guys need to check the main phone polls or boxes or something. I got online classes I registered.

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Re: Internet going out still..

Hello Sparksz,
In order to get your phone line checked, it is recommended that you contact Telco department 1-800-288-2020, they work from Monday to Friday between 8am to7pm CT and Saturday between 8am to 5pm CT. If require they will send the engineer to check your phone line.

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Re: Internet going out still..

ATT dsl is driving me crazy.  Most days, I cannot stay connected more than 10 minutes, especially if I don't stay on one site (which is the whole point of having the internet, eh?).  At night, if I stay on one site, I can sometimes stay connected for hours, but that's not good enough.  I have Vonage VOIP and when the dsl is out, so is my phone.  I can get a dial tone, and dial, but then nothing.  If the phone rings, and the dsl is out, the line is dead when I pick it up.  This scares me because what if there is an emergency and I need to call 911?  Also, I lost my job and am hoping to be called for interviews, but I don't even know if calls are coming in!  I'm ready to scream!


I called Customer Service, and they did their 'tests' showing the line was good (I didn't think it was bad) and that my router that I HAD to buy from ATT is out of warranty, so they won't replace it.  Of course, now they have a few more models for me to choose from, but I don't have the money to buy another one, right now. 


I just hope I can stay connected long enough to post this.


I have to reboot my router/modem constantly and I am very unhappy with that.

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Re: Internet going out still..

Tell me about it and I am done with the phone line checking seriously, I've had that done with both techs, both times I called and everything is fine, can we get some real tech forum support and not these bots.

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Re: Internet going out still..

You want get any help on this sight or there phone support,  the best thing you can do is go with cable if you can

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Re: Internet going out still..

id suggest cancelling your service. att is notorious for bad DSL

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