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Internet Outage


Internet Outage

I have another internet outage today.  A week ago a server needed replacement and it took 2 days to get up and running which is a major problem since I work at home.  In addition AT&T failed to update their clocks on daylight savings day and my alarm went off an hour early.  That was the only day of the year I was going to be able to have an extra hour of sleep.  What is going on?  Can I get a prorated credit on my bill for all of this major inconvenience? 

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Re: Internet Outage

I called 888-321-2375 and was informed by a non-human recorded message that there is a major regional problem in my area. Hold time is 30 minutes to speak with someone.
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Re: Internet Outage

I am having issues as well, very weird though. I can access some websites and not others. I have called as well and received the non-human outage message you did. Once I talked to a human he informed me that he wasn't aware of an outage. Once I told him about the recorded message, he checked and found out that I was the second person to complain about this issue today. 

He input a ticket and stated that it could take up to 7 days for a fix Smiley Sad

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