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Internet Keep dropping connection every 2-30 mins....


Internet Keep dropping connection every 2-30 mins....

It appears to be some kind of dropped connection.  I have tried restarting the modem, resetting the modem ect.


I can't seem to get any where with the support site.



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Re: Internet Keep dropping connection every 2-30 mins....

This has started happening for me as well within the last few days.  It appears to be totally random - the Internet will work fine for hours and then for a span of 30-45 minutes -- sometimes a few hours -- it will go in and out every few minutes.  I called the support line and couldn't even get to talk to a person to have a technician sent out.  The whole thing is this huge automated machine that keeps doing line testing - after about 7 minutes of this crap it established that yes, in fact there really is something wrong with my line (no kidding, why do you think I am calling?) and it said it would create a ticket and do an automated call back no later than 2pm.  It's now 5, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting any response.


I just called a different number to actually talk to a person on the phone, they keep this unlisted on the website.  After an HOUR on the phone with this guy running most likely the same line testing that the automated service did they established that yes, there really is something wrong with the line.  I have an appointment for a technician to come out in a few days between the hours of 8am and 8pm.  I felt like I was in a sitcom when I heard the waiting window.... 


About the only positive to come out of this experience was a few days ago when the issue started and I was fiddeling with my DSL modem I found the metrics for attenuation and SNR.  Both of these values were very far out of range of the point they should have even sold service - and I have been trying to trouble shoot why our DSL acts more like cable (never a stable rate like it is supposed to be, and how we generally get rates at about half of the service we are paying for).  Things like netflix will start showing in HD because our rate is supposed to support it but then quickly end up buffer blocked and downgrading.  I'm pretty sure all of this can be attributed to poor wire run.  I am extremely close to the CO.  We've had numerous technicians out in this area before and they all say the same thing, new cable really needs to be run - wires are really old.  These wires are so brittle that I've seen the technicians working on my line brush up against other wires while working and it causes them to break off - no exaggeration.


If the technician can give me attenuation and SNR metrics for the cable outside of the house and they are just as poor after resolving this intermittent Internet issue I'll proably just end up dropping service and looking toward a different provider.  Cable in my area costs roughly the same price and offers speeds 2-4x as high.  I would perfer a little bit slower DSL because it isn't a shared line and you always SHOULD have the same rate (we fluctuate anywhere between 1 and 5 mbps) and phone lines are supposed to be a more reliable service than cable.  The issue is that we don't get anywhere near the 6mbps that we are supposed to and the service isn't reliable - it fluctuates a lot most likely due to the poor attenuation and snr.  They probably shouldn't even be selling that service on these lines in my neighborhood.

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Re: Internet Keep dropping connection every 2-30 mins....

Welcome and thank you for sharing your experiences.  I'm sorry to hear about the trouble.  Since this is account specific, please send me a Private Message with your name, account number, phone number and the best time to contact you.  We'll get you in touch with the group that can look into it.


*To send a private message, you can either click on the link in this message or click on the little blue envelope in the upper right hand corner, click "compose new message" and type my username in the "Send To" field.




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Re: Internet Keep dropping connection every 2-30 mins....

Ok so an update on this intermittent Internet connectivity issue.  After spend hours over multiple days on the phone with support I finally got a technician to come to my house during a 12 hour window.  Of course the Internet was working while he was here so all he did was install a filter at the line coming into the house - his exact words "This isn't going to do anything but I'll install it anyway."  gee ok, thanks?  this is what I waited days for.  Next up he had some words about how maybe the modem going threw the router was the reason for the outage - I've tried numerous different dls modems, direct conect to computer, with router, pppoe on modem, bridge mode to router, etc. This guy seemed pretty clueless about anything related to troubleshooting the problem.  I told him I tried nearly any solution he tossed at me and his best options were plugging the modem into the wall instead of the surge protector?  ok....


So after being in my house for about 10 minutes, and doing absolutely nothing - he decided to call a port switch(?) into the CO or something - I'm guessing maybe they switched how traffic was routed out from the CO I'm not really sure.  Either way they did that and by this point our regular complete Internet downtime was in full force - so I told him the issue still wasn't fixed.  This is the point he found out that the current modem I had running was in bridge mode and doing pppoe on the router.  He went off on this huge speech about how this is a huge reason for having connection issues.  I attempted to tell him that the other modem I have (the one I used originally when the problem first developed close to a week ago now was never run in bridge mode and that it was highly unlikely that was the issue).  Still he seemed determined so I switched this modem off bridge mode, just like the other.  Had to reassign all of my local subnet IP addresses which messed with my networked printer - and after all of this guess what  - still the same result.  We ended the phone call with him asking if I would be around the next day, I said yes, he said he would show up.  And thats the last I heard from him.  This is a few days ago now.


The next day around noon time I got another robo call from att (the last one I answered I was placed on hold for over 30 minutes and when someone finally answered they were asking why I called) which implied that our support ticket was taken care of and the issue was resolved.  This was news to me but the Internet was still working at that point so I thought ok maybe they did take care of it behind the scenes - I had my doubts but I wanted to give att the benefit.  So over the span of the next few days we still had Internet outages - but usually only for a second or two and they were spread out every few hours.  And just now recently again today we started losing service for prolonged periods of time again.


The only way I'm even able to write this post is by using tethered 3G internet from my Verizon phone.


 I'm not really sure what to do at this point.  It seems my options are talk to a local incompetant att technician who isn't interested in anything I have to say (what do I know, I only have a masters degree in telecomunications/networking) or I can sit on the phone for hours trying to convince an att phone rep that maybe someone should come to my house.  Everywhere I turn with this company it seems like they want to do everything possible to not actually have to talk to a customer and certainly, at all costs, avoid showing up at their house to actually provide support.


This Internet forum is filled with countless other posts of people who have this similar issue all across the US and have been unable to get it resolved, some have even said they have been living with it for over a year.  This isn't an option, not even close.  Numerous members of my household depend on the Internet for WORK.  One of us is a teacher who is having issues posting grades because of this mess!


I am done jumping through hoops.  I just don't have patience or time for this kind of crap anymore.


A call to comcast took 20 minutes total, they gave me a 2 hour window for Internet installation (and told me if they didnt show up in the window they would give me $20).  Similar price, higher bandwidth, and no rediculsouly low bandwidth caps to force me into buying their multimedia services instead of netflix.  It is amazing how a company I have no business with at all is able to instantly make an appointment at my house yet someone I have been paying thousands of dollars to for service over 4 years will try to do everything possible to avoid any type of contact.

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