Internet Data Usage not available for display???


Internet Data Usage not available for display???

I am beginning the process of working at home, and wanted to verify my most recent broadband usage at home.  Once I finally found out where to find this at the att usage site, this is the note I get:


Current High Speed Internet Data Usage Details


Note: Your usage is not yet available for display. You should not be concerned about your usage for billing purposes. AT&T will keep you informed about your data usage via email.

To learn more about how to manage your usage, please visit


Obviously this is not even close to acceptable, from a monitoring perspective, to see if my ATT broadband service is compatible with my new work "perk". It is bad enough that my broadband is capped, but it seems I cannot track my progress through the month.


Does anyone know how I can get a true reading on my internet usage, because I have enjoyed the service for the last few months, but there is no way I will accept an email out of the blue from ATT saying I am over my limit, especially when it directly involves my income.  Thanks

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Re: Internet Data Usage not available for display???

Do you really expect them to warn you? This is a for-profit company going broke from mismanagement and corruption.

Find another service with unlimited usage.
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