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Intermittent wireless drop with ATT 2Eire 3801HGV modem


Intermittent wireless drop with ATT 2Eire 3801HGV modem

I had an old 2Wire wouter for several years and had no problem with wireless. But a couple of months ago I moved to UVerse. They installed 3801HGV router. It is not working well. Often my wireless laptops would drop connection and say 'Limited or no connectivity'. After I reboot the system, they are able to connect. But I don't want to reboot all the time.


In some forum I found a suggestion to change the channel to 11. I did that. It worked for a few days and then the problem started again. There is just one more 2WIRE wireless network in the range. So I changed the channel to 8, but still there is intermittent wireless.


I am about to call ATT but usually technical support takes very long and often they take you through the same diagnostics that you have already done. So I am wondering if someone in the community has any suggestion.


Thank you.



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Re: Intermittent wireless drop with ATT 2Eire 3801HGV modem

Are there any AT&T representatives on this message board? If yes please help.


The router is dropping wireless every single day. I don't know if my piece is bad but overall it is not creating a good impression about 2Wire 3801HGV quality. Every day we have to reboot the sytstem. This is not what I had expected when I UPGRADED to higher speed.


Some people say that a solution is to buy a different wireless router and then run the home network through THAT router and turn off 2Wire's wireless. That may be a solution but we should not have to shell out more money to get what should be included in the service anyway.


ATT representatives experts please comment and help solve this problem. As of now my patience with ATT is wearing thin.


And yes ... I don't want to pay for Connect Tech service. So please don't suggest to try Connect Tech.



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Re: Intermittent wireless drop with ATT 2Eire 3801HGV modem

Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.

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Re: Intermittent wireless drop with ATT 2Eire 3801HGV modem

I had this problem also and after 4 calls to ATT who did absolutely nothing, I had a technician come out and he told me the speed I had was too faster than my "area" could handle. This still happened after I went from regular ATT to Uverse and received a new modem. I dropped my speed from 6 megs to 3 and have had no more issues with intermittent connectivity.

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