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Installation help!


Installation help!

AT&T high speed internet service recently. I already had a modem from my previous residence where I had internet, phone and cable from a different company so I went with self installation and didn't order any additional equipment. I was told that serice would be activiated 1/13/10 but never got anything in the mail. Do I need an installation CD or something? I am sure I am missing wires. I am just at a complete loss and now I can't get any help over the phone or online. I'm so frustrated and I have no idea what I am doing. I have a modem and ethernet wire. Do I need a phone cord? Im assuming I hook up the modem to my computer and a phone jack. Let's say I am actually successfull and somehow figure out how to set it all I need to register anything? install anything? I can just start up my computer and I am connected? Shouldn't I have received some sort of instructions?
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Re: Installation help!

1. what is your modem from your old internet provider?

2. what kind of service do you have with AT&T? is it the phone + internet package, or just the internet package?

3. is your computer on winXP?


just connect the modem to a power outlet, to the computer and to a phone jack. as long as the DSL light on the modem stays solid green (means modem is already receiving a DSL signal), you can manually register an AT&T username and password needed for the modem settings and to get you online. no need for a CD.

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Re: Installation help!

1. um not sure scientific atlantic "webstar" (did I mention before I am totoally clueless) 2. just at&t high speed internet 3.yes
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Re: Installation help!

1. i believe Scientific Atlanta Webstar is a cable modem. it will not work with DSL because DSL receives internet signal strictly from a phone line.


i suggest you buy a DSL modem. if you only have 1 computer, you might want to get Motorola 2210, Westell F90, or Speed Stream 4100 DSL modems. if you have multiple computers and might want to have wireless connection at home for other devices (PSP, iPhone, laptop), get the 2Wire 2701HG-B wireless gateway device. these are the supported devices by the AT&T technical team.


you can buy a modem from best buy, radio shack or even walmart.


2. just internet without phone service - then you have the dry loop/direct DSL service. make sure you have a copy of your account number with you since you don't have an actual phone number with AT&T




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