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Insanely slow ping and upload speeds, download ok


Insanely slow ping and upload speeds, download ok

I have had an AT&T 2wire modem for over a year with no issues.  One week ago, my internet connection became sluggish.  Checking on I found my ping rate was 500+ms, downloads were running at 2.45 mbps (3.0 is my max) and downloads were running slowly at 0.05mbps.  Three computers in the same hours are running from this modem and all are showling the same poor performance


I phoned AT&T and a tech guy came out.  He measured the speeds outside my home and said all looked good.  He switched out the modem, as a test, and got the same poor results.  He then switched out the cables (phone and power) and performance seemed to improve.  However, after 20 minutes or so, the speeds degrade back to the same poor levels


Not trusting the 2wire modems, i bought a new Netgear modem/wifi router and hooked it up.  Speeds were very fast for about 30 minutes, then began to degrade back to worse than before.  I reinstalled/reinitialized the modem and fast speeds returned for about 20-30 minutes.


No neighbors are near me; i am out of the city limits where houses are on 2.5 to 5 acre lots.  I run Adaware on my computers and Avira for my virus protection.  Uploads are incredibly slow and pings can get up to 75% of one second.  No other large electronic devices are near my modem


any ideas??

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Re: Insanely slow ping and upload speeds, download ok

I would plug the modem into the NIC outside where the phone line comes into your house.  Leave it for the 20 - 30 minutes it usually takes for your signal to degrade and see if you get the same results.  This way you can say without a doubt that the issue is with AT&T not your wiring.  If you do call AT&T and tell them about the issue and see if you can get a tech out to your house.  If you can duplicate these results with the tech there you may be able to get someone interested in fixing your problem, but if it works while they are there then they are going to leave and your another call and hour or more on the phone away from help. Good Luck!

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Re: Insanely slow ping and upload speeds, download ok

Hello FwTx,


I truly appreciate that you took your valuable time to let us know that you are experiencing slow speed issue with your AT&T Internet services and please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you might have experienced.
Since engineer has already checked your AT&T DSL line and found no issues with it, I would suggest you contact AT&T tier 2 voice technical helpdesk at 1-877-722-3755 and troubleshoot according to their recommendation. If require they will run a line test on your AT&T DSL line and will help you accordingly. When you call to speak to an agent, please ask to be transferred to our second level of support. They will perform advanced troubleshooting steps with yo to resolve this issue.


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