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Incoming Mail Only-Time Stamp is Wrong


Incoming Mail Only-Time Stamp is Wrong

All of my incoming mail has the wrong time on it. Outgoing is fine, according to my friends. I checked the clock on my computer, and it is correct. I am logging in on a Mac thru Yahoo Mail. What can I do to fix this? Thanks.
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Re: Incoming Mail Only-Time Stamp is Wrong

you need to edit your timezone. go to member center>my account & billing>edit account info
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Re: Incoming Mail Only-Time Stamp is Wrong

yup, you need to change your timezone.

steps to change your homepage/mail time zone:
1. Login to your AT&T Yahoo! Member Center page -->
2. Click on the 'Member Center' link on the upper-right corner of the page.
3. Go to the 'My Account and Billing' tab.
4. Click on the 'Personal Information' link.
5. Click on the 'Edit' button on the Yahoo! Address/Contact Information.
6. Change the time zone settings and save the changes.
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