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I would never recommend AT&T to anyone!


I would never recommend AT&T to anyone!

I have encountered nothing but frustration and confusion in regards to AT&T and their ridiculous billing.  The website is extremely difficult to utilize, they can't manage to combine the billing for my land line and internet together.  This has resulted in getting numerous billing emails for different services that have different due dates.  I hadn't even been able to receive billing information for both services by accessing their website using the same user id and password.  This has resulted in my land line being disconnected twice.  I always pay my bills on time!  I am 53 years old and have never had my phone disconnected prior to signing up with AT&T in February of 2012!  I've called and twice spoken to the customer reps that try their best to be pleasant and helpful, but unfortunately, all of their efforts have not resulted in anything that makes my life any easier or less confusing.  It's been just a nightmare for me.  Don't consider AT&T unless you really enjoy being so frustrated that you want to SCREAM!!!

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Re: I would never recommend AT&T to anyone!

Hello jtakconaway.  Sorry you have had difficulty combining your landline home phone and your high speed internet (DSL).  Just FYI, there are some requirements that must be met to combine billing and once it's completed it can take up to two billing cycles (60 days) for the bills to be combined.


Here is a link (see below) that will provide an overview of combined billing; however, if that is not helpful, please send me a private message (top of your screen to the right see the blue envelope - send message to ATTDeliaCS) so I can help you further! Thanks!  ~Delia


Combined Billing Overview

Rethink Possible

For account specific help, please send a private message to ATTCustomerCare

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Re: I would never recommend AT&T to anyone!

why does it take so long to correct billing problems??? i mean what are you doing??? hand writing forms and walking them/mailing them to the correct department who has to copy in triplicate and stamp each 5 times???


this is the year 2012 with computers doing everything - how hard is it to type into a database to combine this bill and this bill under this guys name??? you guys still using punchcard computers or somehting??? or does only one person in each region have clearance to change billing stuff??? i legitametly want to know!

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Re: I would never recommend AT&T to anyone!

Ditto ! I have landline and dsl and my bill over past three months or so has increased and no one at ATT can tell me why ! This is a blatant ripoff by these people !

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