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I will NEVER again use ATT service for any of my devices, EVER.

I will NEVER again use ATT service for any of my devices, EVER.

ATT has the worst possible communication standards between not only themselves and customers, but between their own departments. I got an ad sent to my apartment for internet service from ATT. When I called and gave my apartment address, the woman on the phone assured me that it WAS available for my address and we got started on setting it up. The activation date was set up for that Thursday. On Wednesday, we get a voice recording that our activation setup was cancelled. Called again, the employee on the phone had no idea why it was cancelled because it showed in the ATT system that is WAS available for our address. So, she set it up for another activation date, the following Tuesday. On Monday, our activation setup was once again cancelled. I called again, and the employee on the phone had no idea why it was cancelled, and told us that he would contact the Engineering department and they would call us in a few hours. Engineering never called. I called again, and the employee on the phone decided to set us up with a new order from scratch, because he said the service WAS available for our address, with our THIRD activation date being on Friday. On Thursday, we get another voice recording saying that our activation setup was cancelled. I called for the umpteenth time and was on the phone for over an hour, and was FINALLY told that the service was *****NOT***** available for our address. It took ATT two weeks, three activation appointments, and all these calls before they could figure out whether their own service was available for my address?


In fact, I just checked their website with my address and it says service is available. I also just called customer service one more time for fun to see what they would say if I was pretending to get internet for this address. Guess what? They assured me it was available.


This is just pathetic. I would love to email this or contact ATT in some way, though the only link I've seen on these forums to leave a complaint is and that link does not work. They probably took it down because their customer service is horrible and get too many complaints all the time.


I decided to go with Time Warner Cable, who came out the next day to set up my internet service. I will be getting married in a few months, so ATT not only lost an internet customer, but a family phone plan and TV customer as well. Thank you for nothing ATT. I will assure YOU that I will tell anyone I can not to use ATT for anything.

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Re: I will NEVER again use ATT service for any of my devices, EVER.

Online or remote operator checks just give a general idea that service might be available to your dmark, only a dispatched installer can truely check to see if you can actually get service to your address. The computer says it is possible, but the condition of the wire from the vrad to the dmark at your house shows it is not.

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Re: I will NEVER again use ATT service for any of my devices, EVER.

Yes, I can understand that. However, it should have been noted after the first time the activation setup was cancelled. Or the second. Or even the third? Flag the apartment's address or something. Don't waste 2 weeks of my time because ATT can't get it together.
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Re: I will NEVER again use ATT service for any of my devices, EVER.

@unhappycustomer, welcome to the community and thank you for your post. I'm so sorry to hear of your experience. Can you please send me a private message with your name, address and phone number? I want to make sure this is shared with the appropriate chanels to prevent the same experience for any other potential customers. 


Again, I sincerely apologize, 



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