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I just want DSL access... =\


I just want DSL access... =\

I live on a pretty major highway and a couple of years ago the phone lines were replaced with fiberoptics.  During the process I spoke with several customer services people, tech, etc all saying I would be able to get DSL after the ovrehaul was complete.  And of course after comletion I am unable to get it, however, I have a couple of neighbors a few miles below me who can get it.   What can one do to get jacked in to DSL?  I even had one occasion were the customer service lady set me up to receive all of the hardware.  It sucks not being able to get decent answers (because they are different with each call).  What would it take to get the service expanded a couple of miles?

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Re: I just want DSL access... =\

Hello josephhughey,


Internet service has already become indispensable in every household to communicate or even operate a business.


I do apologize if we haven't catered your needs regarding this issue and for not giving the right information.


You might be wondering why your neighbors are getting dsl connections except your location.


Dsl towers are planted in an area that will provide signal on a specific area. Each DSl tower has its dsl signal range that can distribute dsl signals on the area.


I believe that the dsl signal did not reach your location.

I recommend that you call our Sales department so they would know that you are interested in having DSL connection and they might be doing a survey around your area who needs Internet connection so they can built a remote box for dsl signal. This might take a long time but you can give it a shot and speak to them regarding your situation.


Sales department: 888.757.6500


Hours of Operation for Center:

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm EST

Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST


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Re: I just want DSL access... =\

I am in the same boat! I will be moving to a home right off a highway, right behind the airport in my town, and AT&T will not provide the area with DSL. My mother-in-law currently lives here and has been told for the last 6 years that by the end of each year they would have DSL access. The only option at this point is super slow dial-up or wireless that limits the amount of data you use, and is still slow! I have repeatedly contacted AT&T about this and I would just like to have their services offered to me, as I have been a loyal customer for YEARS.

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