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I don't know what to do next...


I don't know what to do next...



I have been having a very difficult time getting DSL service set up.  We are switching phone service from MCI so I need to speak with a "3rd Party" to confirm the switch.  The issue is that the switch never happens. I talk to the 3rd party, they ask me questions, we say goodbye.  Then a couple days later I call the support number to get an update on my order.  Everytime I call I am told that I need to speak to the 3rd party (again).  I've gone through this process twice already.  I call again today and was told by the customer service rep. that I needed to speak with the third party.  I explained to her how frustrated I was and she became rather condescending.


I feel stupid for asking this question but is there a number other than 1.800.288.2020 that I can call for help? Or an email address? It would be less frustrating if I could speak to the *same* person about my issue. Everytime I call I speak to someone new and I have to explain to them the situation....and I have called many times.


DSL service was ordered February 18, the address was incorrect so I called customer service. March 2nd the DSL modem arrives. The service activation date was the 28th of Feb., but the phone number was I called customer service. Had to call again on the 4th of March.  Had to call again the 5th of March. Had to call again the 8th of March.  Called again today (10th of March).


I made it a point to explain to the customer service rep. that I was not angry with her  but that I am just really frustrated. I don't know...I was just really put off by the way she spoke to me (maybe she was having a bad day also).


Anyway, I am done with calling in. So much has happened and I'm tired of explaining it to every new rep I talk to (I tried to leaving out the boring details in this post). A few days ago I signed up with AOL just so I could get to the internet but it is sooooo sloooooow LOL!  (Maybe I will have to call in again and speak to the 3rd party).


Too Long Didn't Read Version: Is there a person I can speak to directly (phone or internet) so that when something goes wrong (if it goes wrong) I can speak to them again without explaining everything since Feb. 18th?


My apologizes for the mild rant and scatterbrained post...the rep I spoke to today put me in a bad place.


Thanks for reading!

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Re: I don't know what to do next...

How about voting with your wallet and take your business to the local cable company? The service you have received is unacceptable. The other option is to look for help from corporate. Look on the corporate web page for a contact.

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Re: I don't know what to do next...

Try calling again and ask for Sales next week.


Get the Employee ID #s of the people you speak with, and write down dates.  At least you will have a trail they can trace.

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