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I am trying to hook up another modem


I am trying to hook up another modem

I am trying to hook up another modem in my home....I already have one DSL modem on a computer in one room and would like to have another modem in another room hooked to the same dsl line...Is this possible. The one I have hooked up now is not a wireless modem but I got a wireless modem from a friend and it's missing the attachment for the remote computer so I want to just use it as a solitary connection like the other one.... Can I have two modems on the same DSL line? When I tried to install the wireless modem software I got a message window saying I had to call the tech line because there is a problem with configuration. Thanks for any help you might offer
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Re: I am trying to hook up another modem

given that your all your phonejacks carry a good DSL signal, yes you could hook up 2 DSL modems on the same DSL line. but you cannot be online on both computers at the same time. you need to turn off one of the modems to get online on the other. the modems will have conflicts in getting DSL signal if both of them are on at the same time.

it will be easier to use a router to distribute your internet connection on multiple computers instead of having 2 dsl modems. the router will allow multiple computers to go online at the same time.

BTW, what's your wireless modem?
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Re: I am trying to hook up another modem

Actually, one DSL line, one modem.... if you try to hook up another DSL modem in the house and turn both of them on, the DSLAM is going to go "What?!?!?" and you might not get sync on either one of them or the speeds will be split in 1/2. Best bet use one modem and one only, or be sure to turn the other one off when not in use.

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