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How to put a read receipt on an outgoing email?


How to put a read receipt on an outgoing email?

I am using yahoo email with an address. When I send an email how do I mark it  (read receipt) so I will know if and when the recipent receives the email?

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Re: How to put a read receipt on an outgoing email?

Hi wilesk,


If you send someone a message, you cannot tell if they've received and read the message since Yahoo! Mail doesn't currently offer a "return receipt" feature. You may check related information from our helpsite


Should you want to use this feature, you may use client mails like outlook express, windows mail, mac mail, among others. For the configuration of client mail programs, you may contact our AT&T Support Plus Team.  Support plus provides a group of highly trained agents that can assist you in checking the settings of the client mail programs.

They will be able to walk you through with the troubleshooting steps.

You can reach them at 888.263.4796. They are open Seven days per week, 8:00am - 11:00pm Central Time. They also have 24/7 Support available via the Web at:

Remember to always mark items that you find useful as "Accepted Solutions”, you can even mark multiple
in a single thread.  This will help other users find this information too!!

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Re: How to put a read receipt on an outgoing email?

Can't put a read reciept on a sent email.  Yet another reason why AT&T should NEVER have joined Yahoo!

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