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How do you keep an email address?


How do you keep an email address?

i have had my email address forever. About a year ago att shut it down. I use it daily for all my email and because its an vintage account it was impossible to contact anyone. Finally did, they wanted me to continue a plan that was associated with the email, a dial up account. about $25 month. I had no choice. Never will use the dial up service or plan to... i am just paying to keep my email address. So over a period of time i set up a gmail account and slowly getting everyone using the pacbell email to use the And i have some people, not sure of all, but they crop up now and then that still have that old email and i need it to verify this and that, etc.

NOW i receive a email yesterday from att about the terms changing and it states that you don't have to have a service to keep the email address. I have a email request into att to clarify this, because i am spending $300 a year for a service i don't use.


Anyone familair with how to inturpet this change in the agreement?



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Re: How do you keep an email address?

Yes, I am familiar with this.  I have had a free email for almost a year (since AT&T shut down Worldnet).


See this:



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Re: How do you keep an email address?

If im not mistaken. If you are using and it is associated with your regular dsl and you disconnect the service your email will retain as long as the disconnection reason is not about the billing. If you disconnect the service as you requested and no issues with the bill you still have the as free email account Smiley Happy
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