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How do you email customer service?


How do you email customer service?

Well, this might take a while, so sit back and enjoy. My family just bought our first house. So I call AT&T to get my residential home phone and DSL service installed at our new house. I am told that it will be done on a Saturday(!) and that I will get a package deal where my internet speed will increase! A week later, I have called 13 times. Every single time I have called I have been told that it is not done yet. I have been disconnected several times with no call back. Each time I am on the line long enough for someone to understand that all I want is my internet (which had been promised) I am on the phone for well over 30 minutes, usually over an hour. Each time I reach that point I am told it will be done the next day, or two days later at the latest. I am also told that the internet package I was sold is not available at my location so I can't have it. I even have a supervisor assure me that it will be done the next day with a customer service rep on the line as well who assures me that she will check on it herself in two days. Neither happened. Through this entire process I couldn't help but feel that AT&T's employees were either incompetent or blatant liars. So finally they get my internet going, after having to activate a secondary phone line to get it going (so now I receive twice the amount of solicitors calls). My internet comes and goes, so it is not reliable at all. And then I get a letter (actually several letters) from AT&T telling me that they did not approve some of the services I wanted to get because of my credit. Hello, I just bought a house. In these times. And the only service I wanted was faster internet. And the only reason I agreed to it is because I was sold a bill of goods by a saleslady who obviously had no idea what she was doing and told me I was a valued customer because I always paid my bill on time. So, I have wanted to tell my story to some customer service rep at AT&T, but there apparently is no such thing as someone at AT&T who wants to listen to your problems. I have spent too much time on their website looking for a very simple "Email Us" form that you could send comments in, to no avail. You must go through some convoluted system only to find out that you're not ever actually getting closer to emailing them, you're just going around in circles on the internet. Literally, every single day I have picked up an advertisement from a competitor and considered switching. The only reason I haven't is because I have heard that the competition's internet goes out regularly. But now so does AT&T's, so I don't know what I'm waiting for. I wish someone from AT&T would email me and explain to me how they dropped the ball so completely and what they're going to do about it. I think at the least I shouldn't have to pay for the time I didn't have internet - not because I didn't have internet, but because I didn't have it when they said I would have it. Multiple times. So congratulations AT&T. You've alienated another customer by not delivering what you promised, and then not giving me a chance to talk to someone about all the problems I've had. I cannot see how you could have failed more completely. I'd love to hear back from someone, so you can (personal information removed for safety)

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Re: How do you email customer service?

I had the same experience with AT&T! I hate it happened to you...but at least I know it's not "just me". Your post confirms for me that the quality of AT&T Customer Service has gone way, way, way down. They need to take lessons from Comcast and American Express. They have great customer service. I too spent a lot of time trying to find out how to "log a complaint" because like you said, the customer service reps could care less about listening to our complaints. I get the impression they have become hardened to them by now.
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Re: How do you email customer service?

Assuming / hoping that AT&T folks are monitoring this forum, it would be good to see a reply posted. The question remains unanswered. The following is my failed attempt to find a way to get help by email:

  1. Click "Contact Us"; goes to ;
  2. enter a topic, such as "email";
  3. click "Continue"; goes to ;
  4. in the section "Email Us / Internet Services", click "Email Us: Current FastAccess DSL Subscribers";
  5. click "Send Internet Services"; goes to ;
  6. click "Contact Us" or "Contact AT&T";
  7. repeat.

I am a residential customer in Florida. Thanks.

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Re: How do you email customer service?

Unfortunately, AT&T no longer provide Email support to it's members.  The link for email support which you may still access but will eventually give you a note saying that they no longer have this service is   The note mentioned something about making the technical assistance more efficient by using the chat and voice support. 

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Re: How do you email customer service?

Hi captsapp,

First of all, let me apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you when you ordered the DSL service for your new house.  There are factors to consider when installing the DSL service on a particular address for the first time and sometimes, due to unavoidable circumstances, we encounter delays.  These happen rarely and we make sure to resolve the issue in the quickest possible way. Thank you for pursuing the order and we would like you to continue enjoying the DSL service so let's find a solution to your intermittent connection problem which you have been experiencing lately.


There are things to check if you are experiencing intermittent connection problems.  You may go through this link    to make sure that your connection is installed and working properly within your premise.  

Just in case you still encounter the same issue after checking the possible causes, please call our technical support department, preferably during the time that you were not able to connect to the internet.  In this case, when they run line tests, they could determine exactly what's causing it. To get in touch with a technical support agent, please call  888.321.2375


With regard to the Email Support, larrydls did explain this on his post thoroughly.
AT&T no longer have this service and we encourage members to use the Chat and Voice support instead for more efficient troubleshooting.  

To chat with an agent, simply click on the link below!


AT&T DSL Support Chat


Thank you.



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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: How do you email customer service?

Hi I clicked the link you provide and it gives me an error PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED. What will I do?
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Re: How do you email customer service?

Hi kios,


Please click on this link for the intermittent connection checklist.

Employee Contributor*
*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: How do you email customer service?

Hi Larry! Thanks for your response. I was able to fix the page cannot be displayed. It was misclicked before. Thanks much!
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Re: How do you email customer service?

I have e-mail problems that have continued for about 4 or 5 weeks or more. Often I want to e-mail someone and my modem csl light is blinking . I never know that it is available untile I look at the modem and have a constant dsl light. I have been attempting to resolve this problem for somewhere between 20 and 40 phne calls. Always wind up wit no solution and problem continues. I had this problem about two or three years ago until I was finally able to get a tech rep to come to my home and check it out. He was able to raise the signal strength a bit until I had fair service from then until a few weeks ago when the problemrecurred. H e told me at the time that the signal was being lost by an underground cable that ran about 35 feet from the post on my lot line into my basement. He said the signal was much stronger at the post than where it entered my hous. his quote was" If you have trouble again they will have to replace that underground  cable." Well it happened again and after talking to Phone reps for about twenty or thirty calls a rep suggested that I try a new modem. Bought one for $*5 or so dollars. hooked it up and it would not connect. About an hour or so later the dsl light came on steady. an hour or so later it was blinking again. The Phone rep then contaced office here in Birmingham. He came out , spent about 3 1/2 hours checking things out and finally installed a signal amplifier wher the line came into the basement. It worked well for about three days and again intermittent service. It is better that it was. His quote was, "If you continue to have problems, it is not in this house, it will be line problems."


Here I am with a dsl light that is on steady right now but has started blinking at least four times early in morning when i get up but by noon or so becomes available again.


I am a minor stockholder in AT&T and I hate to leave you. However if problem not resolved I have no choice but to switch everything over to Charter. Trying to find a way to talk to some one has been most difficult. Hope you will check my record of trouble calls and you will begin to understand my problem.


Thanks for your patience if you have read this.


*personal information removed for safety*

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Re: How do you email customer service?

Hello  btg123,


Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you. I understand your frustrations and we will do our best to resolve this connectivity issue. The flashing DSL light of the modem indicates a loss of signal or sync. Common causes of Intermittent Sync  are defective filters, EMI (electro magnetic inteference), RFI (radio frequency interference), inside/outside wiring or a problem with the DSL line connection from your house to our DSL box. You mentioned that you have already changed the modem, a technician had checked the place and a signal amplifier was added to ease the problem. But, unfortunately the steps you have taken and the technician's effort  to resolve the issue permanently was unsuccessful. Now, I would need your patience once again to contact us back in order to follow thru the right process in handling this type of issue and take the proper steps like asking permission from the Networks Engineers to send a Truckroll and begin rectifying the line issue. With this, proper escalation will be dealt with our Level 2 agents in order to come up with a permanent resolution especially that your records show a history of calls regarding the issue.


Please contact our AT&T technical support team, open 24/7. You may reach them at 1 888 321 2375 if you are from these states - KY, TN, NC, SC, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL; and 1 877 722 3755 if you are located in CA, NV, KS, MO, OK, AR, TX, WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, CT.
Should you need further help regarding your post, please feel free to reply on this thread.


Thank you for choosing AT&T Internet Sevices where we value your business.

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Re: How do you email customer service?

I don't think you can email them particularly if it is a DSL technical problem.  When ATT took over BellSouth that is when the service went down to bad.  The ATT screens are not user friendly and they take you in circles on some issues.  Wish BellSouth was back handling the issues with their screens.

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