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How do you contact A SRVP or CEO of this company?


How do you contact A SRVP or CEO of this company?

I have had it with the support throughout all ATT departments.   The service is absolutely horrendous and when asking to speak witha  manager they refuse to let you or tell you one will call you back and then you don't hear from anyone.   I have records of phone conversations and recordings of the "literal torture" I have been through over the year with this company.   I want to speak with a SR VP or CEO to let him know exactly what I'm dealing with and see if they are willing to help.   Several times I have asked to speak with the head of call center operations and told that's not possible.  


If this is not possible I'm wondering if it would benefit me any to turn this in to the FCC, Local Attorney General, [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].


As I write this I'm still on hold 45+ minutes later after 1) being up on and having to call back, then 2) being told the representative could not help me with my billing question and he was transferring me to someone else.   Also I called last Wed night and during my initial conversation with Geroge from Asia he hung up on me at 5:00PM CST, then when I called back the center was closed.   Called the following morning and same bullcrap, we can't help you but someone will call you back which they have not.

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Re: How do you contact A SRVP or CEO of this company?

I'm still on hold going over an hour now, my guess is no one will ever pickup because the center is closed yet I'm stuck in a queue somewhere and light is flashing in the dark.   I guess if I hold until next Tuesday someone may pickup? 


Please and thank you.   If I sound frustrated, I am and you would be too if you were on this end.



[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

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Re: How do you contact A SRVP or CEO of this company?

I finally hung up after an hour as it's obvious they no one is there.   Guess I'll have try again on Tuesday, my 3rd day of trying to get this simple billing error resolved, because everyone I talk to can't help and transfers me somewhere else or hangs up on me, going on 3 hours of my time on the phone for this.  Now tell me that's good customer service !!!! Not like this is a one time thing either, everytime I call it takes multiple followup calls and literally hours to get anything handled.

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Re: How do you contact A SRVP or CEO of this company?

Try contacting sending a private message to ATTCustomerCare with your name, account number, email address, phone number and the best time to contact you. 

To send a private message, you can either click on the link in this message or click on the little blue envelope in the upper right hand corner, click "compose new message" and type ATTCustomerCare in the "Send To" field.


It will probably be after the holidays before you get a response. Smiley Wink

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