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How do you Block computer's from acessing your internet


How do you Block computer's from acessing your internet

I was wondering how to block unwanted computers from using the internet capabilities. My network does have a security password but I was wondering how, after a computer has been able to log onto my wireless, can I then block the computer access from using the internet again?

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Re: How do you Block computer's from acessing your internet

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There are lots of ways on how to protect your network . You can use this article for your reference :




You can block a specific computer from accessing your Network by using MAC address filtering. A MAC (Media Access Control) address, sometimes referred to as a hardware address or physical address, is a code that's assigned to a network adapter or any tool with integrated networking ability, such as your computer.


When you have the MAC address of the computer you are trying to block, you can block it  by configuring your router to block the specific MAC address .




We would want to know the brand of the AT&T router you are using so we can walk you through the necessary steps.




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Re: How do you Block computer's from accessing your internet

"after a computer has been able to log onto my wireless, can I then block the computer access from using the internet again?"


Yep, change your wireless key and don't give them the new one (if it's someone in your household), if it's from a outside machine (example: not anyone in your household), Change your wireless key and/or your wireless security to WPA2 with AES (if all devices you want connected support it, if not WPA with TKIP would be the next best option) with a STRONG key (random numbers and letters). Also, depending on your router if you have the option to reserve static IP addresses, you could block that IP.


MAC address filtering isn't a very good solution as it can easily be spoofed (if the person/s know how to) and make it harder for you to add machines if the need arises. Kinda depends on who it is and how much they know and how determined they might be. ONLY use WEP if absolutely necessary, if I was in range, I could crack it and spoof one of your MAC's before your pizza could get there. WEP is only a little better security than none at all (it'd be like closing your door but not locking it). At least in that link they don't suggest you disable the SSID Broadcast, that'd just make it harder for you to connect to your network.

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