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How do I use my own domain name for email


How do I use my own domain name for email

ATT's DSL help says that I can use my own domain name for my email address instead of the email address associated with the inbox I have for my DSL account: but they do not say how I can do this. currently I have two email accts under my DSL account having the respective addresses: Currently I own domain name and email for is hosted by another company. I also have an alias for my wife, which, as an alias, uses the same inbox as I use a filter to separate incoming mail to these two addresses and relay it to our separate inboxes where we pick it up using POP3 access. I'm thinking that since I have the DSL account with ATT, I should be able to avoid the cost of the intermediary mailbox at the other company by simply having email for domain hosted on whichever server hosts our inboxes. The email help I spoke of above seems to indicate that this is possible. My ultimate desire is that any email addressed to: would go to, and any mail addressed to: would go to The company that currently hosts email for domain allows me to modify DNS records for my domain. So, I know that I can modify the DNS records to send email for my domain anywhere I want. So, where exactly do I send it so that it'll be handled by the same email server that handles our email inboxes ... and how do I tell the email server to route mail for to, and mail for to AND ... drumroll .... can I do that without charge from at&t ? (important: mailbox_name(myname) is not equal to mailbox_name(me))
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Re: How do I use my own domain name for email

Hello dcollins51, In order to get information about hosting the domain name server, it is recommended that you contact the AT&T Web Hosting. For the technical query, that you have about web hosting, please contact the technical support for web hosting, available 24 hours a day. Technical Support 1-888-WEBHOST (option 3) If you want to place a new order, please contact our sales department: Sales 1-888-WEBHOST (option 1) If you have questions regarding your AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet service, it is recommended that you contact the AT&T eChat helpdesk. If you are in ' AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI', you may use the link mentioned below to contact AT&;T eChat.

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