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How I fixed ping.

How I fixed ping.

After 4 months of horrible ping, the last week it started improving. Simply, in the morning I would get a decent ping, but it would only last a few hours. This went on for the last week, ping around 40 at times, then back to 600ms average. However, the last few days my ping has held steady in the 40's.


For 4 days in a row I've had a good ping steady all day.


Here's what I did.


I called support over 12 times to no avail.

Hours of holding on the phone..nothing.

2 tech visits, bought another modem...didn't fix anything.

Missed work twice waiting on techs that never showed or even called.

Replaced wiring, numerous boots, screamed at pc, etc....nothing.


I'm moving at the end of the month, so I gave up worrying about it....but that's the key.


I gave totally up on att......and by some miracle it fixed itself the last week... Hope it last until I move.


Just give may get a miracle.


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Re: How I fixed ping.

Oh well, I guess I cursed myself by posting, now losing connection constantly, about every 5-10 minutes the modem light red flashes and has for the last hour.


Well, least I got to play online for the weekend, see what happens.

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Re: How I fixed ping.

The only ones that can fix ping and latency is AT&T. So far they will not budge on the issue no matter what. They know their switches get bottlenecked, but they are not willing to do anything about it. DSL is being left behind to focus solely on wireless. Trouble is anything to do with AT&T wireless is just about as bad as DSL. Its all bad! Everyone I know that uses ANY kind of AT&T service is doing nothing but complaining. There is nothing positive that can be said about AT&T.

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