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Horrible Customer Service and Dishonest Business Practices


Horrible Customer Service and Dishonest Business Practices

I am SO frustrated with the runaround I've been getting with AT&T. 


On 1/16/2012 at around 10:00 AM, I spoke with a female representative to place an order for dry DSL.  I wanted the most basic package and were told that it would be $14.95.  She let us know that it would be $14.95/month and the only other charge she mentioned would be for a modem if we wanted to get it from AT&T.


We received a bill for $55.95 and we are upset for 2 reasons:


1. The connection charge was not mentioned ($36.00)

2. The charge is NOT $14.95, it is 19.95 ($55.95-$36.00=$19.95)


I have called AT&T on 3 separate occasions only to hear different things.


2/23/2012 I spoke with a male representative named Jessie who said that the charge was correct and that we should have been notified about the connection charge.  He mentioned that the $43 on the bill was a "background check" that we were given credit back for.  He then proceeded to try to sell me more products although we let him know we did not have the time nor the interest.


3/2/2012 I spoke with a female representative named Jenn who confirmed that she cannot void the connection charge and that it was a one-time thing and our next bill would be $14.95


3/5/2012 I looked at my bill and saw the charge was $19. 95 instead of $14.95 so I called to check why.  First the representative told me that the kind of internet we have is not $14.95, it was $24.95.  Then she looked again and let us know we were getting the $14.95 special but would be charged $43.00 for the first three months.  I asked to speak with a supervisor and was transferred to Jennifer.  She kept telling me that after 3 months, I would be paying $14.95 and could not explain the breakdown of my bill for this billing cycle for $55.95.


After dealing with five different representatives, I have gotten different stories from each one.  It is frustrating to call over and over again only to find that there is one problem after the other.


It's not the first time I've dealt with AT&T and in the past, things have always been smooth but this time it's turned into a nightmare.


Any suggestions on what to do?

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Re: Horrible Customer Service and Dishonest Business Practices

My family had SBC and AT&T for as long as I can remember and I kept them as well because they used to be good. I won't go in depth here, but after the installation person unplugged my sump pump and forgot to plug it back in during installation my basement flooded. I filed a claim with AT&T and no one ever even came out to my house, they simply denied it. 


I tried getting U-verse and that was a disaster of epic proportions (again I really cant get into it with getting furious and this was over a year ago). Their service is garbage, and their support is too. I tried sending two emails tonight and was getting 31 KB/sec.... I was longing for dial-up. It's horrible, but then as soon as bed-time comes for all the middle schoolers and high schoolers I get half way decent speed. Of course I cannot talk to anyone their regarding that because they run their test during the day when kids are at school and all is "running fine and within spec". They are just horrible, and you feel taken advantage of every time you talk to them. 


The only department I call anymore is the "SOS" department (Save Our Sales), and they are the people that can actually help you, not via tech support, but with refunds and all kinds of other stuff. I don't have a number for them, but just keep telling people you will only talk with them and eventually you'll get there. Good luck.

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