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Honesty would be nice...

Honesty would be nice...

After 30 days of internet service, we cancelled due to poor service. We rarely had a connection and when we did, it was incredibly slow or would drop. We became upset after receiving a bill charging us not only for the modem that we sent back, but an additional early termination fee! We never were not told over the phone nor in the various emails we received that there was a committment or an early termination. I have no problem paying for the one month of service that we received (even though that was intermittent), however, I do have a huge issue with paying fees for early termination when I never signed or agreed to those terms when initiating service. Does anyone know of someone at AT&T who we can speak with? We call billing (the number at the bottom of the bill) and are told we called the wrong number- after being transferred several times (I think the number of people talked to in 45 minutes was 7) our issues were still not resolved. This is a horrible way to do business! If anyone has any advice- please respond! We're desperate here! 

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Re: Honesty would be nice...

Get used to it I've been with them for 20 years and seen much worse.

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