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Home Network Help (2Wire Gateway Modem)


Home Network Help (2Wire Gateway Modem)

I'm having some trouble establishing wired connections in my house and figure that someone on here would have some input. Here are my circumstances:

My house was built three years ago and it was pre-wired for sound, and phone/data with cat5 cable. There is a box in the master closet with all of the cable and phone connections, as well as the cat5 cables that are running through the house.

In the box are the ends of 5 yellow cat5 cables, not hooked up to anything, and 7-8 blue cables that are hooked up to the phone jacks.

I have a 2Wire Gateway DSL modem (ATT) that I have connected up to one of the phone jacks, which provides DSL to the modem and wireless to the house. The modem has 4 ethernet ports on the back.

I bought a cable tester to test line continuity and basically to identify where the unlabled yellow and blue cables go. With this, I identified the cable that runs to the game room (yellow), and those that go to the study and living room (blue) that I want to use as ethernet connections. All three have wall connections and ethernet cable sized jacks. The yellow cable (gameroom) terminates at one of those larger, cat5 jacks that is built into the faceplate. The blue cable jacks are basically just couplers.

I then plugged the three cables into the ethernet ports and nothing happened (LED under the ports did not light up). On the other end, I connected the equipment (PS3, satellite receiver, laptop) to the wall jacks and none had a signal.

To troubleshoot, I did the following:

* I tested all of the ethernet ports on the modem with a direct connection to a laptop and all worked fine. LED lit up under each port after connecting.

* I tried each of the three cat5 cables in each of the ethernet ports, one at a time, and got no connection / light.

* I connected the modem to the phone line with and without a DSL filter.

* I connected the laptop that I got a connection with on each of the three jacks and got no connection.

* I retested each line with the cable tester to make sure I didn't mix them up, all were correct.

I have looked up some answers on the internet and many say something about DHCP settings on the modem, which I have no clue about. There is also discussion of firewall settings and converting the modem into a "bridge" modem, which does not sound desirable. All of this stuff is Greek to me but the fact that the modem simply will not recognize that the cat5 wire is connected makes me think that a modem setting could be the issue.

Anyone have any experience or thoughts? Would running the connections through another router help?

E.g. Modem => Cable => Router => Cat5 Cable => Jack => Device


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Re: Home Network Help (2Wire Gateway Modem)

I don't see where you mention how the cables in the wiring closet were/are termminated.

Did you terminate the CAT5 yourself? if so, did you follow the same wiring plan on all cables, both ends?

Did you check behind the "ethernet cable sized jacks" for all the cables to verify how they are wired, and that they are not daisy-chained to other wall jacks?



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