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HELP!! Tricked and betrayed by customer service


HELP!! Tricked and betrayed by customer service

I called AT&T end of January to request rewiring due to the loss of connection. I asked to bring the modem and router from basement into the ground floor level.

The Tech guy Karl told me it would cost $55.00 unless I agree to a wire protection plan. In this case the $55.00 would be waved. I agreed and he set up an appointment for the same day. Late night they canceled and set up the new appointment for next day. 

After the tech was done with the installation he told me it would cost me $110.00 ($55.00 for to come out and $55.00 for the installation) When I mentioned I have the wire protection plan he said that this will take care off it.

Now I received a bill over $110.00.

When I called to asked how come, the supervisor Scott (who did not what to give me his employee number nor his last name) told me that I had to wait 5 days for them to come out to get the protection plan going. I told him that the Tech rep did not mention the $55.00 for them to come out, only the rewiring and he did not say anything about a waiting time, he set up the appointment with me. 

The supervisor did not care and said this are the rules of AT&T, but nobody told me about it. 

My husband had a very bad head injury in November and is now home, bed bound. I tried to safe some money, now I have to spend double of what he was talking about in the beginning. 

Anyone out there with a suggestion where I could file a complaint.

That's how they treat "valued customer". First they trick me into this and than they betray me. 

Unfortunately I need the internet for a surveillance camera installed in my husbands room, so that I can move through the house without fear something could happen to him.

Help please with suggestions.  Maria

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Re: HELP!! Tricked and betrayed by customer service

You can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau ( and FCC ( Both of which allow you to file complaints online.

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Re: HELP!! Tricked and betrayed by customer service

Get used to it I've been with them for 20 years and seen much worse.

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