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Good speed Bad ping?


Good speed Bad ping?


I've had ATT high speed DSL for years now and it has never given me too many problems.

However in the last few weeks I've had serious trouble with my ping. I have the elite package 600Kb/s Download 70 Kb/s upload. Sometimes on speedtest it will show up as less but when I try to download or stream anything I get the full speed.


My problem is that throughout most of the day (except early morning late night AM hours) my ping is terrible.

I cannot use any application that needs a good ping, such as any online games.

I've had ATT come out and give me a new modem and look at the problem but it still persists.


When I trace my ping I get this:


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     3 ms     3 ms     3 ms  home []
  2   304 ms   301 ms   350 ms
  3   267 ms   303 ms   313 ms
  4   170 ms   169 ms   147 ms [151.164.55
  5   267 ms   270 ms   233 ms [151.164.52.
  6   208 ms   241 ms   229 ms [151.164.
  7   374 ms   442 ms   399 ms []
  8   540 ms   505 ms   451 ms []

  9   178 ms   184 ms   181 ms []
 10   284 ms   390 ms   359 ms []

Trace complete.

So the problem is right out the gate.


Not only do I get bad ping overall, but it is extremely jittery, being playable for a few minutes then spiking up for no reason at all. This also causes me to get completely different results nearly every test I run.

Do I need to get ATT out here again? Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Good speed Bad ping?

* on your pc: have you tested for viruses/malware? have you tried temporarily disabling your firewall or antivirus programs that run in the background? there are certain tips online on how to lower the ping especially for gaming pcs.

* isp issue: highly possible since bad ping only occurs on peak hours. at least you've been able to eliminate a modem issue. what i would suggest, though, before you ask for a tech out, you may have the phone tech support agent to run tests on his/her end first. before the test, you might be asked to completely isolate the modem (meaning, all the devices that work under the same number as your DSL will be disconnected from the phone jacks, like phones, fax machines, even filters;; isolating may also include moving away possible EM and RF interferences from the modem) to ensure that nothing else is bringing any effect whatsoever to the connection, hence, to the test results. if you are on wireless, you might also be asked to temporarily wire the modem straight to the computer. so if ever you will call tech support, you may want to isolate the modem on your own before making the call. it would be best to call tech support at a time when your connection is actually experiencing high ping. so the agent runs the test, and based on the results, agent may need to contact the network engineer department. the line engineer can do some adjustments on your connection profile or reset the connection from his/her end to make sure everything is fine. once the results from the line engineer is ok, that means no need to send a tech out.

* hope these help.

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Re: Good speed Bad ping?

I tried doing this but the tech told me that he needed to escalate the problem to advanced tech support, BUT I HAD TO PAY $15 A MONTH TO HAVE ACCESS TO THEM. What the flip! I can't even comprehend the idea of att wanting to charge me to fix THEIR service. 


I've had terrible ping until today, i went into the firewall settings and allowed "xbox". Then my ping went down to the 40s. I left the house for the afternoon and now its back in the 400s and 500s. What the heck do I do???? Is the 2wire modem a piece of {word filter evasion}?? Or is it the service?

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