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Going to Charter unless...


Going to Charter unless...

 I need escalated help with a billing issue.  Is there an AT&T Ombudsman on this forum who can help in order to keep me as a customer?  (I've been one for at least over six years....)


 Here's the problem: 


   Last December, I noted that my AT&T DSL Internet service was not competitive with Charter Cable service in my area.  (Charter offered faster speeds at less cost compared to my then-current service with AT&T.)


   As a result, I called AT&T to cancel preparatory to going with Charter.  


   Before I could cancel, I was transfered to the "Sales Retention"  Department, where a rep offered me an attractive deal if I would stay with AT&T.  I was told that if I stayed with AT&T I would be upgraded to the next level of DSL service (from "Basic" to "Pro"), all at the same monthly price I was then paying ($24.95 per month) with no contract term.  This would still be not as good as what Charter offered, but I really didn't want to bother with changing everything, if that could be avoided.


  So,  I accepted the offer on the spot, and was given the following "confirmation" number:  C699106


  Since then, I have never received that monthly rate, but instead have been charged $38.00 per month.  (In fact, I was charged twice for the same service during the month after the switch, but that's another issue.)


  I have spent much time on the phone (mostly on hold -- thank goodness for Skype) trying to get an AT&T Service Rep to fix this problem, but all I get (from more than one rep) is a robotic response that the montly fee is $38.00.  One pretended she didn't even hear what I said about the $24.95 per month arrangement, even after I stated it several times.  The other told me flat out that she "didn't need the confirmation number of the deal", and then went on to simply state that the price was $38.00 per month.


  I am now planning to switch over to Charter, but to avoid the trouble, I thought I would try this Forum.  (As you all know, it's impossible to get through to any AT&T phone rep with authority to really do anything, once you finally get through to one.)


  AT&T?   Hello?   Hello?







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Re: Going to Charter unless...

This doesn't sound right. The DSL Xtreme 6.0(fastest speed) package only costs $19.95 for 6mbps where as Charter only offers 3mbps for the same price. Looking at a price comparison, AT&T's services are competitive with Charter (which varies by area) and I can say from experience... the service and customer care with AT&T is much more positive. (I made the switch from Charter to AT&T after tons of back and forth, poor service, hidden charges, impossible moving process, and the hour it took to get a human on the phone with Charter) 


AT&T does the best a large company can to care for customers having issues. I've had hickups with all ISPs in my area from charter to comcast to AT&T. In the end, I was happiest with AT&T. 


As for your pricing discrepancy, your best bet is to contact Jam or Alex here in the communies. They can put you in touch with the right person to follow up on the offer that was made to you. 


If you have any questions about pricing, feel free to post here. 


Hope this helps! 

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Going to Charter unless...

   aBenjamin, AT&T doesn't offer the 6mbs plan where I live -- only the 3mbps plan.  (Charter offers several plans way over that speed.)  I currently do business with both AT&T and Charter, and I think their business-side customer support is equally awful.  The Senior VPs in charge of those business units should be forced to set up their own service and deal with problems just like we have to do, so they can get a real sense of the truly deplorable level of customer support on billing issues.  As for the technical side, AT&T has been without parallel.  They are excellent. 


  I noted just now that AT&T offers the 3mbps for $19.95.   Why am I having to pay $38.00, or even the original $24.95?  I'm not on a contract.  They expect to keep me around when my neighbor's paying them $19.95 for the same service, and Charter will give me the same or better?   Was I at all a valuable customer for the past 6 years?  Would I be a valuable customer for the next six years?  And thousands more like me?   Is the better business decision to meet the competition and keep me a happy and loyal customer for the next 6 years, or to push me, unhappy over how I've been treated and vowing never to come back, into the arms of the competition? 


 Enquiring minds want to know...

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Re: Going to Charter unless...

Your story sounds exactly like mine except I told them no. I was an AT&T DSL customer for years. I got sick of paying close to $90 for 1.5 mbps DSL AND a basic, no frills, land line. I need phone service for my kids so when I asked AT&T if they could do better than the $23 base fee plus taxes ($17) they said no. I told them I wanted to go with an IP phone company where I could get everything I need for under $18 total and they gave me the run around about how they can't let me keep my number without having pay for a second line, basically anything to make it such a pain I wouldn't do it. After getting that nonsense 2 or 3 times, I bit the bullet and got Charter's internet and signed up with Vonage. Once Vonage transfered the number, and everything was working, I got a message from AT&T letting me know my phone number was no longer serviced by them (good). I then called them up to cancel my DSL and magically I was eligible for Uverse and this deal or that deal and it wouldn't cost me anything, on and on and on. The rep I spoke with even went as far to throw her co-workers under the bus for not telling me this info previously (my last call was about 3 weeks earlier). All that "Sales Retention" crap did was make me more unhappy than before. Why did it take me finally leaving to get those "deals" when I was a loyal customer for as long as they offered DSL in my area? If AT&T's marketing department is reading this DON'T YANK PEOPLE AROUND IF YOU DON'T WANT THEM TO DESPISE YOUR COMPANY. REWARD LOYALTY. I've been with Charter for about 8 months now. They haven't been perfect, and lately, their service has caused me to seek other options. I'm very hesitant to even consider another AT&T offer after the way I was treated before. All the bundling "deals" only serve to lock you into a price they can change at will. If I must go back to AT&T, it will be with great reluctance and one foot out the door once something better comes along.  I've heard generally good things about the Uverse service, but it comes at a higher cost and they have you ***** if they need an increase in revenue and don't feel like abiding by the original terms of service. I would really struggle paying money to a company that may provide good service, but has proven to want to return to the MaBell days where they were a monopoly.


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