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Gmail fetches my yahoo mail


Gmail fetches my yahoo mail

Because of Linux conflicts I resolved it by gmail fetching all my ATT yahoo mail. My question is can I establish another e-mail address dedicated to ATT account only and get that one account there and continue to fetch my other mail
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Re: Gmail fetches my yahoo mail

hi chef11994!


it looks like you are forwarding your AT&T Yahoo! emails to your GMail account.


yes, you can setup a new sub-account under your primary AT&T email ID. without setting up the forwarding feature on this new sub-account, you can send/receive emails on the AT&T mailbox.


to create a sub-account, just go to website. then login using the master ID. go to the ACCOUNT AND BILLING tab --> click on the CREATE SUB-ACCOUNT button.


hope this helps! :smileyhappy:


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