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Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"


Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

Woke up this morning to find my Internet service out.   I noticed my LAN IP range had been changed on the router from 10.60.20.x to the default 192.168.1.x. 


I tried changing it back to the way it had been set hours previously, and received the message from the RG "Router Address should not start with 10."


I'm using an address block within the private IP space, so I'm not sure why AT&T has made this change.


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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

Same here. Woke up this morning to find my network file system wasn't mounting. Checked the network settings to find that the router had reset everything on it's own including my wireless network/password and my IP addressing scheme. I can no longer change my IP addressing scheme back to what it was. 10.x.x.x addresses are reserved for internal networks, so I don't see what the problem is.
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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

I received this 'update" today.  Really frustrating trying to figure out what the problem was only to discover it was the last thing I would expect.  Like previously mentioned this is a completely legal range for private use so why is AT&T restricting us?

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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

Confirmed it hit me as well tonight. They are rolling out the firmware updates to the 2wire boxes, AT&T level two support notes say "10 networks should be avoided to prevent future issues for AT&T", or some words to that effect.

Now I have to go and set a fixed IP so I can change my static devices.

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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

This happened with me, too. The default IP address range conflicts with that of a VPN that I need to access. I have always used with other providers and devices.


It would be great if someone from ATT would reply to this thread or fix the issue.

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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

Got home tonight and found the same problem.  My router was updated earlier today.


I also use a 10. address scheme so it does not conflict with VPN networks I connect to.  This is extra nice because ATT just raised the rental price on the modem to $6 per month.  Makes me feel good to pay more for a device that doesn't allow me to do what I want.


Since everything from your home network is NAT'd before it goes out there is no technical reason why you can't use the 10. network internally.  Since it is a class A network only those with advanced knowledge typically use this address range.


I was told by tier 2 support that the firmware update was done by 2wire and they have no control over it.  I don't buy this since ATT has the exclusive line of Uverse modems and I am sure they can communicate with 2wire about what to do with their firmware updates.


Had them log me as an unhappy customer and I'll complain to retention tomorrow.

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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

I am having the same issue. I was using the 10.X.X.X scheme for my DHCP configurations and everything was working for the last 2 years and then when I came home from work today my network was down. None of my devices and computers were receiving the IP address that I had allocated to them. So logged into the gateway and noticed that my DHCP settings had reset to default and so I went to configure it back to 10.X.X.X and it came back with an error message stating "Router Address should not start with 10."


Since then I have called AT&T Tech Support and everyone kept blaming me for not knowing how to configure the gateway and accusing me of reseting my gateway. I asked to be elevated to Tier 2 and even they were blaming me and saying that they did not block or update the gateway from using the 10.X.X.X DHCP scheme. This continued for another 6 hours with 6 different representitives/technicians! Until finally at 1 AM I spoke to a Tier 2 technician who transfered me to his supervisor. The supervisor then attempted to walk me through setting up my gateway back to the settings I had using an emulator on his end. He asked me to go into the DHCP Configuration menu and select the radial button. It is at this point he realized AT&T had changed something, because that radial button is not available on my gateway. So I asked him how is this problem going to be resolved and he replied, "This issue is out of the scope of AT&T Tech Support." He told me there was nothing he could do as this is considered an "advanced networking setup" and AT&T Tech Support is not obligated to support anything but basic network setups. So I told him I need this issue resolved however it needs to be done and that I will be expecting a call back from him with good news. He said he will "try his best" to figure out what is wrong but he "can't guarantee anything".


All I have to say is that, if this issue is not resolved I might start looking elsewhere to get my internet service. Becuase this is not the first time AT&T has limited my internet usage capabilities, I've had to calling more than once to have port 25 unblocked so that I could use my Outlook for emailing. They unblocked it for me and then a year later they blocked it again! I am a very unsatisfied customer thus far.

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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

I don't buy the "it's 2WIRE's fault" because when you call 2WIRE for support on the gateways they say that AT&T is responsible for the firmware features (or lack thereof). Sounds to me like they're trying to simplify things for their techs. That way they don't have to be networking savvy or remember more than one address to access the gateways.


They'll probably take away the capability for wireless re-configuration next because I know they don't like it when you turn off SSID broadcast or change other settings which make it more than single keystroke for the tech to access your gateway (with or without your permission).



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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

Dear ATT,


Consider that having a home network is not a hobby when without prior warning you can change setting on my PRIVATE network. I run several large labs behind the router for my work with dozens of virtual machines testing scenarios I am working from home and this is how I make my living. Beside my work everything from my printer to my TV have to be touched now.

It is unacceptable that ATT would push an update which would limit us to use the private network the way we want it. Furthermore it is appalling that when calling support they ignorant and treating everyone incompetent as they are.

Why is there no warning at all?!?! ATT has at least an email address an address and a phone number for each customer. Call, write and explain what is coming and not just overnight push an update which will affect us this way.

Some explanation would also be useful as how this change made my life better. Don’t update my device for no reason. What new features was implemented or improved upon I can use?


And last but not least, please understand that customers have choices. ATT service is not cheaper and not better than Comcast or others out there. Your actions will drive where your customers go.





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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

After 4 phone calls and being routed to dead end numbers a few times. I talked to a manager at Tier 2 support by the name of David {personal content removed for safety} who was telling me that the 10.x internal address is no longer available because there are not enough IPV4 addresses available and ATT is moving to IPV6. What a rubbish! After explaining to him what private and public address are he backed off on this idea.

No solution, no explanation, no help, no support......  Thanks ATT.



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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

Same problem here.  ATT level 0 support, in trying to solve a problem, told me they needed to reset my RG.  They did not say they needed to factory reset the device.  After doing so nothing worked. ...duh because it came up on the 192.168.0.x not the 10. that I had everything addresses for.  So the level 0, clueless, scheduled a service call on site.  


A little more prodblem determiniation on my part determined everything came up on the 192.168.0.  reconfigured a workstation to hit the default RG address only to find it now can not be cahnged back to my 10.


Such a large, seemingly network savy company with such blatant disregard for customer networks.   ...and even worse regard for solving customer problems. If the level 0 can solve the problem, you have to pay connect tech? seriously?


Twice the cost, half the bandwidth, zero customer care.


Utterly worthless.

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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

I'll reply back to this that I "fixed" this by buying my own router and configuring it the way I want, not the way AT&T wants. Just turned off the wireless broadcast and firewall on the 2wire router and plugged it into one of the ports. Service hasn't been too bad so far other than the terrible router they sold me, and then overcharging my account, and then crediting the wrong amount back, and then spending several hours on the phone with them to correct it. Other than that it's been great.
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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

Yes, I too "fixed" the problem by using my own router. However, I did not do a router-behind-router setup.


I have a FTTH (Fiber to the Home) connection which allows me to simply connect the ethernet cable, coming into my home from the fiber converter box on the side of my house, directly into the WAN on my router. Then I cloned the MAC Address of the 2WIRE Router supplied by ATT onto my router. And now I have full internet service from ATT without the use of their 2WIRE Router.


This works because ATT Uverse authenticates services via the MAC Address of the 2WIRE Router they send you. This will work if you are only getting internet service. It will not work if you are getting TV and/or VOIP services from ATT also, as far as I know.


So now I have this useless 2WIRE Router and I'm still paying for it every month.


You're probably thinking, "why don't you just send it back so you wouldn't have to pay for it?" And actually, I tried that already. When this whole problem started and I ended up spending 6 hours on the phone with tech support and repeatedly asked Tier 1 and 2, "Why can't I just use my own router so that I can manage my own private network and not have ATT changing my settings?"


Immediately each time I was told that is not possible and their router is required for me to have the service from ATT. One Tier 2 representative also said that they require the 2WIRE routers so that they can provide their customers with support. I told him, "I've been on the phone with tech support for the last 6 hours and have talked to 6 different  representatives! Not a single one of you have been able to provide me with a solution, so either way I'm not getting any support from ATT!"


Finally, I reached another Tier 2 representative who I asked again if I could use my own router. At first he also said no, but then I told him that is not true because I have done it and used my own router and I still got the internet service. He became curious as to how I was able to do that. So I told him exactly what I did as stated above and he agreed!


He told me that having a FTTH connection is rare and because of that I was able to use my own router. He also agreed that ATT Uverse does authenticate the connection by MAC Address.


**This is important because as of right now, I am cloning the MAC Address of the 2WIRE Router. But as soon as I return that router, ATT will disallow services to that MAC Address.**


I told him ATT needs to either enter into their system the MAC Address of my router or they need to give me a MAC Address that I can clone to my router, so that I may continue to receive services from them.


He told me if I would like to use my own router and get rid of the monthly rental fee I would have to talk to the billing department and they would be able to do that for me and they can also give me a MAC Address to use. I thought great, I'm finally getting somewhere!


The next day I called the billing department and told them what I wanted to do and she agreed they can go ahead and setup a return for the 2WIRE Router and remove the monthly fee. I then asked about the MAC Address and she said, "What's that?" I knew then this wasn't going to happen. I explained what it was and told her why I needed it and she told me she doesn't handle that and I needed to talk to tech support to get the MAC Address. She transfered me to tech support and I told them what I needed. And guess what they said? Yup, you guessed it, I can't use my own router.Smiley Mad


And that is why I'm stuck with the useless 2WIRE Router and ridiculous monthly rental fee!Smiley Frustrated


Oh btw, if anyone is wondering, I'm using a Netgear N900 now.Smiley Happy


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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"

Same here - my home network(including the computers I run my home business with) stopped working today.  A quick check of the network showed my IP had changed. 


Why on earth are they blocking 10.x.x.x addresses?  I can't think of a single technical reason barring a serious flaw in the 2wire operating system.  I think it's time to look elsewhere for my internet...

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Re: Gateway IP changed on its own - "Router Address should not start with 10"


My guess is they are reserving the 10.x.x.x block so that they can put the whole neighborhood behind a large NAT to conserve IP addresses.  I don't think they are going to be issuing public IP addresses to UVERSE modems anymore.  


This update just happened to me today.  I really do not like ATT changing the the settings on my internal network without my permission.  Especially after it took two days on the phone with tech support to get working!



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