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Failed Email Migration


Failed Email Migration

Am unable to access my email account today. It appears to have been migrated to Yahoo. 

After signing on at I am directed to to login again.It then brings up a Complete Your Account Registration screen to verify my password. My name, zip code and email address are already entered. The confirm account password is blank. I reenter the same password that I used to get to this screen and click next . The same screen appears again with the following error "Please correct the errors highlighted below.Due to this error, we have cleared your password entries, and security responses. Don't forget to provide entries to these form fields again.Unrecognized Timezone " If I hit next again, I get the same screen.


Live chat referred me to the Tier II telephone agents. I've already been waiting for an hour to get through.


I'm not happy.


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Re: Failed Email Migration

I've been experiencing the same frustrating problem for the past two days. I don't find any solution on the ATT Web site and would appreciate someone from ATT Support posting a solution for this situation.

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Re: Failed Email Migration

I'm still waiting for an ATT Technical Specialist to respond to this problem. I spent the better part of my Saturday trying to unravel the dilemma. I connected with ATT eChat Support four times and was disconnected each time. I finally gave up and tried phoning. After waiting nearly an hour with repeated messages about "unusually high call volume," I gave up. Now, this morning, I find no solutions posted to the problem described. Can any offer some help here?

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Re: Failed Email Migration

Hello cima,
It seems that your AT&T email accounts have not been migrated from AT&T NAP to AT&T PBY! (Powered By Yahoo!), in order to complete the migration, please try the steps mentioned below to manually migrate the email account from AT&T NAP to AT&T PBY! 
   1. Open the following link (this URL is case sensitive)
   2. For the Member ID to be migrated, the you will need to enter the Member ID, domain (select from drop-down), and password.
   3. Click Continue.
   4. The following page will display if you does not have a complete set of proofing/validation credentials on file. If you do not, then you will presented with a page that will contain what you already have (if any), allow you to update what you do have, and require you to add whatever you don't have. For example - if you has the offline question on file - it will show you the question but the answer will be ******. If you doesn't remember what you answered you can update it. You will be required to add any data you don't already have on file.

Note: This page will not display if all of your proofing/validation credentials are on file. Instead, the Terms of Service page shown below will display.

    5. Click Continue.

    6. In order to proceed, you will need to select Accept the Terms of Service.

    7. Click Continue.

    8. After you accepts the Terms of Service, you are now taken to the Yahoo! pages to complete the migration process. You will need to enter your Member ID (full email address including domain) and password.

    9. Click Sign In.

   10. You are then presented with a Yahoo! profile page in which you will need to populate all required fields.

    11. The "Welcome to AT&T Powered by Yahoo!" page appears. You are presented with three selections (the first two are checked by default):

  • Show list of all usernames on the Sign In page for this computer.
  • Make AT&T Powered by Yahoo! my homepage.
  • Set up Outlook Express or Windows Mail on this computer to send and receive email using

    Note: You will have to be using a Windows Operating System and Internet Explorer in order for the third option to be successful. The automatic configuration process of Outlook Express or Windows Mail requires the installation of an Active X control within Internet Explorer to function. If this third choice is selected, the Active X prompt will occur after the you clicks Next.

    12. The final confirmation page displays. This page will provide with Web addresses for your new homepage, support pages, and software downloads. You can click Go to my new AT&T Internet Service homepage to check out your new homepage.

    13. Try to surf to and try to sign-in to your new homepage.

    Note: If you would like a direct URL to Webmail, I would like to advise you to bookmark the following site,

If you experience any issue while migrating your sub account, it is recommended that you contact AT&T eChat support.
If you are in ' AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI', you may click on the following link to connect to a chat agent:

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Employee Contributor*
*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Failed Email Migration

Hello, Penny.

Thank you for responding. I had tried what you suggest over the weekend. I tried again this morning.


I accessed the screen at

I entered my main account email address (this is the Member ID, right?)

I chose the domain ( from the drop-down menu.

I entered my main account password.


Then, I received this message:

"Sorry, your account is not eligible for migration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience."


I would appreciate your help. I tried the online eChat support over the weekend, and kept being disconnected. The technician had tried to take control of my computer, and I kept being disconnected even though I had disabled my security software. I also tried phoning your support team over the weekend and was unable to reach anyone. I'm at work now, and we have firewalls that I can't disable, which would prevent the eChat support from accessing my computer screen.


I've not been able to access my email since last Thursday.

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Re: Failed Email Migration

Hello cima,
Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you might have experienced.
You got it correct, it seems that the firewall (security software available in your computer) is not allowing eChat support advisor to initiate the RCT on your computer and disconnecting the chat session. In this case I would suggest you to try to contact AT&T eChat support from some other computer (in which you may disable the security software, if require).
If you are unable to migrate your sub AT&T email accounts and getting error message, it is recommended that you contact AT&T technical support and follow the steps of the migration as per their recommendation, they will help you according to current scenario.
I would also like to explain that many of AT&T customers have query about the migration, due to which the call volume is bit heavy at the AT&T voice support and it increases the hold time for the customers.  I would request you to, please wait for some time and try to get in touch again with the AT&T voice support.

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Employee Contributor*
*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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