Every day, at 5:30 PM, my U-Verse wireless connection drops -- Really!


Every day, at 5:30 PM, my U-Verse wireless connection drops -- Really!

I had U-Verse installed in my house more than 90 days ago.  I had a really good installer and he did a great job, even giving me a new drop from the pole in the backyard easement some 100 feet away.  He was thorough in his tests which I appreciated.


Since that time, I have no complaints about U-Verse high speed internet, except one.

It happens every day, at 5:30 PM when the wireless connection drops me. 


I am so intrigued by this because it is unique in my experience and happens with such regularity.  Also, it never occurred until I switched to U-Verse.  It never happens when I at a restaurant, or when I had cable internet with wireless broadcast for the year prior.  Therefore, the logic is that:

  (1)  It is not a problem with my laptop, nor its wireless adapter, nor its wireless software on the laptop.

  (2)  The problem is perhaps with the wireless router AT&T installed.    -or-

  (3)  The U-Verse internet (line) connection somehow drops, every day, at 5:30 for some reason.


Item #2 is my personal best suspect.  I only have wireless usage in the house, so I've never even ran a Cat5 and logged into the router to start investigating.  What I'd like to see if anyone here has heard of such a thing before, which might make my journey of discovery easier.


I wouldn't necessarily be concerned about this, except that I'm about to start playing an online game that requires a constant connection to the internet (as a DRM 'feature').


Thanks for any notions, in advance!  The router is 2Wire 3800HGV-B.



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Re: Every day, at 5:30 PM, my U-Verse wireless connection drops -- Really!

Just of note:  I decided to look around the house (it's a new house to me) and noticed that the previous owners had left an outdoor lighting assemblage turned on, it has a small transformer unit plugged into an outlet, with an adjustable timer to turn on the lights if the ambient outdoor light is not enough, such as in winter.  I can't say for sure that this is my culprit, but it was set for 5:30 PM.  A bit of googling revealed that this may indeed be the problem.  I'll watch it when I am at home at 5:30 next couple of weeks to see if this has any affect on my problem. 

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