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I started getting a pop-up last Monday (Aug.1) that says I "may have logged in or logged out on a different window" and "would I like to click OK to reload my page". This is happening every time I log on and if I click ok or just "x out" it pops up again after a couple of seconds. This is really getting old. What is going on?

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Re: Error Message

Mine started around the same time.  This is what I know.  I get the same error whether I use IE or Firefox.  I happen to use Firefox.  I only get the error on my home page.  (  *****  I installed a drive I had imaged in July of last year and the problem was still there.  Therefore I think the problem lies with AT & T.  I have searched the internet for this error and I have seen a lot of try this and try that but none of these things worked for me and all the people I read said it didn't work for them.  I suggest getting AT & T's customer service number. Since my drive image was from last year it could not have been any of my settings.  The problem seems to be on their end.  By the way.  I booked marked as my home page and I do not get these errors.  It's only with AT & T as your homepage.  Hope this helps.

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Re: Error Message

I agree, the problem seems to originate with AT&T. Changing the homepage sounds great, unfortunately I have been relying on AT&T for my email...

If I am going to arrange for a different email address (with all the hassle of updating all of my contacts, etc.) I'm going to dump AT&T and get a new ISP...

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Re: Error Message

Hi spudbunz,


We can understand how annoying the pop ups can be while signing in and apologize for the inconvenience caused.


The possible reason for the issue could be that you are already signed into Yahoo! Messenger or chat ( in the AT&T web mail) and are trying to access your mail account.


The other possibility is that you have logged in to your mail account using a different computer or device like mobile phone, PDA etc.


If yes, please sign out of the applications or device.


If the issue persists and if you are located in the one of the following states AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI, please contact AT&T e-chat support from the web link provided below

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Re: Error Message

Try this:  It worked for me.  I logged into safe mode and signed on to my account.  I was able to get into options (right next to themes and content) at the top of the page.  I then reset my homepage.  This will remove all your content so take a screen snapshot of everything that shows on your homepage.  I then reconstructed my page with what it had before.  I no longer have the  annoying error " you mave logged in or logged out blah blah blah"  If you reset your homepage,  you also have to check the box to the right as  a safety measure that you really want to reset.  Hope this helps.  It worked for me.

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Re: Error Message

Resetting my homepage also solved the problem for me.
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