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Error Message - Resolution Successful


Error Message - Resolution Successful

It seems that every time I've had to reset my 2wire DSL connection because of some power outage at my house, this message appears: Resolution Successful The error has been successfully resolved. Please close down your browser and restart it to continue browsing online. But when I close down my browser, nothing happens. It happens on all my browsers, on all computers, and on my iTouch and Xbox. Although, this message only pops up on certain web pages like google or gmail. It also won't let me connect to Xbox Live. In the past, the message just somehow went away, but it seems to be lasting longer than usual. (Usual is about 8 hours). Has anyone else gotten this? And does anyone know how to fix it?
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Re: Error Message - Resolution Successful

Hi Rlad78,

Try this:

1.) Go to »
2.) Enter in your system password when prompted
3.) Under Troubleshooting click Configure Services
4.) Uncheck Enable Broadband Status Notification
5.) Save the settings

Close and reopen you web browser, you should no longer get the error page whenever you reset the 2wire modem after a power outage.

I would also advise that you clear cache and cookies in your browser.



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