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Email was hacked but cant change password


Email was hacked but cant change password

So my email was hacked on my account here and it is spamming everyone i have ever emailed and everyone who has ever contacted me via email.  When i go to change my password it will not let me because it says my password is too short, but the only password that is too shart is my current password. I have had my email account for a very long time and when i created it I was allowed to make the password i have, and it was not too short then.  for some reason it is saying it is too short now when i am trying to change it.

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Re: Email was hacked but cant change password

Hi! I posted on here the other day. I have had the same problem - YAHOO account hacked, sending emal to everyone who ever sent me an email. Absolutely NO HELP from ATT after 3 different chats with "customer support" and numerous phone calls. SO....finally, a friend of mine emails me and tells me to add a bogus email address into my contacts - one that will be at the BEGINNING of your contact list such as or what ever. I did this and so far (for last 24 hours) no bogus messages sent out.


As for my YAHOO password - somehow it is merged with SBCGLOBAL OLD, OLD, OLD account. I did not merge, I did not ASK to have merged. But ATT can't seem to help. They need to quit "merging" accounts when we didn't request it. Good luck to all that are having same issue!

UPDATE: It has been 3 days. This did fix the issue....YAY!

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Re: Email was hacked but cant change password

I have the same problem. How do I get access to my email?

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Re: Email was hacked but cant change password

yeah still no response or help from att

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