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Email requesting login info is NOT AT&T report to


Email requesting login info is NOT AT&T report to

As an employee of AT&T  also received this Phising attempt and am reporting it as this is using corporate logos and other information to try and validate the email. AT&T NEVER requests SPI information and this is an offense that a good many employees have been terminated for giving out. For those of you who don't know SPI is Sensitive personal information such as SSN, logins, Driver's lic. numbers, addresses, PIN codes and other information that  social hackers use to steal your personal Identification this is a HUGE matter for AT&T and as an employee we must review this policy each and every year! This is one of AT&T's highest  security protocols to protect every customer we serve. Thanks for your continued patronage as we appreciate evensong's business!  

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Re: Email requesting login info is NOT AT&T report to

I just received that same fraudulent email...forwarding to

Not sure what outcome will be accomplished, but I hope ATT and ATTUverse become aware and warn customers.

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Re: Email requesting login info is NOT AT&T report to

Thanks everyone!  Phishing scams are not unique and why AT&T has the following information available to assist users...


What is Phishing and what can I do to protect myself?




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