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Duplicate contacts entries

Duplicate contacts entries

Sometime relatively recently, all of the street addresses, email addresses and phone numbers in my AT&T webmail contacts have duplicated (some have even triplicated and quadruplicated, if those are words). It's not that I have two John Smiths in my contact list where I really should only have one. There's just one John Smith, but there are multiple identical street address, email address and phone number entries under that one John Smith card. I've tried manually removing the duplicated information for one contact, but after I saved, it actually created yet another duplication of information. So where I had two of everything for one person, I now had three or four of everything.


I searched through this forum and elsewhere via Google search for others reporting similar behavior and the only thing I found is where people synchronized their contacts with other devices. Since I've not done any synchronization, that can't be the explanation in my case. Is anyone else out there experiencing this problem?

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Re: Duplicate contacts entries

I am experiencing the same problem using Yahoo.  It is very frustrating to "delete" the extra lines, save the result, and then find I now an additional line.  They are multiplying like rabbits!


What is also interesting is that after sending out an email to others, with a CC to myself, two of my messages have ended up in my SPAM box instead of the In Box.


A third problem has been the email requesting if I want to add to my contact list after I just sent out and email replying to one of my contacts.

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Re: Duplicate contacts entries

I called AT&T technical support after posting my previous message here. It took an hour, but I finally got someone to acknowledge that there's a known bug in Yahoo and it just so happens that they're coming out with a fix for it on Monday (12/6). The fix is supposed to prevent the duplication from happening in the future, but will do nothing about the duplication that already exists. However, I was told that they are "escalating" my problem to some group at Yahoo and was told that they would clear up the problem with my contacts list (I've done an export of my contacts just in case they clean up too much). I'm not going to hold my breath on the clean up, but we'll see.


One other thing they told me is that it's related to the number of contacts I have. I've got 136, which doesn't really seem like all that many to me, but that's what I was told. When I asked for a threshold above which this duplication seems to occur, he couldn't give me an answer. Just that it's a known bug in accounts with a large number of contacts.

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Re: Duplicate contacts entries

Hello sanfranman59,

The issue that you are experiencing with your contact list (saved in your AT&T Yahoo! web mail) can be resolved by contacting Yahoo! support. Please visit the link mentioned below:


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Re: Duplicate contacts entries

The link from Penny_1, an ATT Internet Expert, is NOT helpful.  It only leads to a general support area instead of to a specific area to obtain instructions or a software fix.

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Re: Duplicate contacts entries

 The original problem of multiple listing of ids, phone numbers, addresses, etc. within the same contact now "appears" to have been fixed.  I checked several of my entries and I have not found any problems.


After opening Contacts, there is a link "Clean Up Duplicates BETA".  I have tried it several times with no improvements.  After clicking on the link, it gives a list of EXACT or SIMILAR contacts.  Even after indicating I wanted the EXACT matches to be merged, they would reappear again the next time I ran the Clean Up Duplicates BETA list.  The result?  NO CHANGE!

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Re: Duplicate contacts entries

Just out of curiosity, rbb, how many contacts do you have?

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Re: Duplicate contacts entries

I have "only" 873 contacts.  Some of those are exact duplicates, while others are similar.


I tried again this evening to use the Fix Duplicate entries - Clean Up Duplicates Beta - Automatically Merge.  It continues to be a waste of time.  The exact duplicates come up again the next time I run the Fix Duplicate entries program.

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