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Dsl Intermittent Connection Issues


Dsl Intermittent Connection Issues

Ok Tech came out to house and could find nothing wrong with my inside or outside lines, he believes I have a distance issue. Can someone explain to me why I would have a distance issue and my neighbor who is on same service and literally  50 yards from my house not have a distance issue or any kind of connection problems?

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Re: Dsl Intermittent Connection Issues

It is possible that you and your neighbor have different cable feeds.  This would explain why you have a distance issue and your neighbor does not.  My next door neighbors and I have 3 different feeds.  They can get U-verse and I can't.  I am fed straight cable and they are fed from a remote solution.  Did the tech isolate the inside wire that goes to your modem in the network interface?   Bridged cable could also be the culprit.  Intermittent sync is usually pretty easy to fix.  The key word there is "usually". 

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Re: Dsl Intermittent Connection Issues

I guess they have, they have checked my wires from pc all the way to the DSLAM. They claim that there is nothing wrong with anything in house or on their side either. At a lost really, I actually have lost connection while typing this reply. Today I am losing sync about every ten to fifteen minutes.

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