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Dropped phone, but KEPT DSL - got charged BRAND NEW DSL installation fee of $100!


Dropped phone, but KEPT DSL - got charged BRAND NEW DSL installation fee of $100!

We've had wireless for over a decade with ATT, and added DSL and residential in 2010.  In December we dropped residential ONLY, but kept DSL.  Because we had our phone number ported to our new service, ATT told us that had to give us a new account number and that a tech would have to come out to do something with at box.  He did come out and our service was never interrupted.  HOWEVER on our 1st bill, we had a $100 installation fee!  NO ONE EVER told us about this!  Since then, I have spent hours on hold and have spoken to multiple reps, who tell me to cal other depts.  I very nicely asked one rep at the very beginning of the conversation her full name and she HUNG UP on me!  After I'd been on hold for 15 mintues waiting to talk to a live person!  I originally called last week and was told a supervisor would call me back - never did.  I'm seeing on these boards, that being lied to about a return call from a supervisor is quite common, as is reps hanging up on customers.  I am appalled!!  Today I was told that my situation was being "escalated" to the "back office," and that I did not have to pay any bills until I get a return call (in 1-2 weeks) about the resolution.  I'm not holding my breath that the call will ever happen or that my issue will be resolved.

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Re: Dropped phone, but KEPT DSL - got charged BRAND NEW DSL installation fee of $100!

Good luck!  I wouldn't wait for someone to call me back and I sure as heck wouldn't wait for my bill to get fixed.  I received 11 months of erroneous bills!  I cancelled my service with AT&T and will never go back -- no way, no how!

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